Lovely Tonight: Dancing With Our Parents

After the final notes of “Lovely Tonight” faded, it was time for another very important dance”¦one with my daddy.

Picking a song to dance to was a head scratcher. I didn’t have one in particular in mind, so I left it in my dad’s capable hands. He selected the song “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw for our father/daughter dance”¦

Oh man, I knew from the moment the music started that I wasn’t going to make it through the dance without a few tears. I always cry when I watch other brides’ father/daughter dances”¦I knew that I was a goner.


My dad could be described as”¦smart, intimidating (so I’ve heard), and always prepared. He is the man who created a set of note cards replete with questions and details to grill Mr. Buttons with when he came over to my parents’ house to ask for my hand in marriage. If I ever have a question about anything, he is the first one I would ask (well, to be honest”¦my mom would be right up there too”¦they are a tie, but you get my point).

He has always been such a supporter of me, and has always been proud”¦even when I seem like I have no path in life or am confused about what I am going to make of myself.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my daddy cry. The first was the Christmas before I graduated high school and was leaving for college. We had all finished opening presents, but he ran back into his bedroom to grab one final item. He walked out with an Elon University shirt, and at that moment a few tears were shed. The second time occurred when he got a really bad charley horse in his leg. Ouch. The third time? On the wedding day.

As soon as we started dancing I said in his ear: “don’t you dare make me cry.” He responded with telling me how beautiful I was and that he loved me. Dang it, dad!!!!





I really love my dad. I just wanted you guys to know that. And, even though it is totally cheesy to repeat the lyrics of the song: I will indeed always be his little girl.


As the last chorus died out and the song ended, I gave my dad a big hug and told him I loved him. Cue: tears. Again.




Ok”¦time to lighten it up a bit”¦Mr. Buttons was next to take the floor, with his mother this time!


As they moved across the floor our guests looked on, and our flower girl even managed to get a little goofy. I had gifted the two young bridal party members with some stuffed animals before the wedding: they took them on to the dance floor for our dances. It ended up being a smart idea, because they had something to occupy themselves with during the 15 minute time span (which can be quite some time for kids to stand still)!








With our dances complete, it was almost time to eat!

*All photos courtesy of Pilster Photography*



Mrs. Buttons

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May 2010
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    I’ve read the past 5 entries and watched the videos and now my makeup is RUINED! 🙂

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