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We had kind of a difficult time deciding what type of guestbook to choose. We thought about photo mats, polaroid guestbooks, etc. etc. Nothing seemed quite right. At the end of the day, Mr. Cream Puff really wanted a photobooth, so we decided to split the cost on it and get one. After that, our guestbook decision was an easy one.

Remember my photo album for our professional pictures (I mistyped my post and it was super confusing? Now maybe you remember, haha)? That was made for us by one of my old co-workers, who has gone into business making amazing albums. She also made us our guestbook, which is made to match. 🙂



So pretty!!

We didn’t want to pay an extra $300 for the guestbook option through our photobooth company, so we decided to wait for our photo CD after the wedding. As place holders, I made cards explaining that eventually their photos would be in the album, so people should write in the space next to them.


Here’s a close-up of the card. It reads, “Your Photo Coming Soon!” Welcome to our Photo Booth Guestbok! We’ll be placing your photo booth picture here after the wedding, so please sign next to it! We would love if you would sign more than just your name! Tell us a story, give us some advice, draw us a picture… anything! We want our guestbook to be fun to look at, so please, show us your personality!” Then I have an arrow pointing to the blank space, saying, “Please sign over here!”


I also had to figure out how to pass out our photo reminder cards. That’s when I came across the beautiful wedding of knottie futuremrsj34, who had the genius idea to pass out envelopes for people to put their photobooth photos in:


So… I stole her idea and made it colorful. I added a sticker of a photobooth strip on the side, along with our names and our wedding dates (sorry, I couldn’t get a very good picture of these!):



I slipped our photo reminder cards in each envelope, and people will take them home along with their pictures. I’ll also have a stack of the cards at our “goodbye table,” which will be right at the exit to the wedding. Here’s hoping people upload their pictures!


Mrs. Cream Puff

San Francisco Bay Area
Wedding Date:
August 2016
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