I Dream of Genies: The Genie Bottle Becomes a Pressure Cooker

The day before and the day of the wedding passed by in a blur. There were numerous trips to downtown Los Angeles, to Michaels, and to the mall, just getting everything together. The house would be alternately quiet and bustling depending on who was racing through at the time and what was just announced as a must-do for the wedding. I was up until three in the morning the night before writing out place cards and the seating arrangement for the entire guest list.

I awoke on the morning of with little concern, but once the day got started, everything felt like it was falling apart. I actually spent most of the day alone. I did not schedule a hair appointment, as my sisters and cousins did. My plan was for a simple sock bun to keep my hair in place and hold up the veil. I had my makeup done at the MAC store, because there’s no time like a Bengali wedding to really get your face painted. The stylist had so much fun because he got to play with colors he rarely uses.

At this point, most of the women in my family were missing because they hadn’t returned yet from the salon. My mom had gone off to the venue early. My dad was picking up family, and my sari was locked in my parents’ room. And this is the moment, dear members of the hive, when I lost it. My sister was having trouble with the bun. My dad’s phone was off. My sari was locked in a room to which I had no access. And I was supposed to be at the venue dressed and ready in an hour.

We finally freed the sari, and Mr. Genie arrived. He was the one thing I needed. We drove to my aunt’s house to get dressed, as was planned. But things rarely go to plan on these days with my family, and we almost missed them as they made the trip to my house. They haphazardly stopped, got inside, and helped me into my sari, which was going to work until we got to the venue, when they would really get me together. Mr. Genie and I headed off to the venue, and I started to come down from the near panic attack I was feeling.

Despite all of the stress, I came down from the car to be greeted by Coco and Todd with a smile on my face, thankful to be at the venue, thankful to be holding my husband’s hand, and thankful to be getting this show on the road!


Did you feel a lot of stress leading up to the wedding? How did you manage to keep it together?

All photos by Coco McKown Photography



Mrs. Genie

Los Angeles
Wedding Date:
July 2012
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  1. mswaterfall Bee
    Mrs. Waterfall 1403 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:50 pm

    Sorry your morning was so stressful, but you look amazing, Genie!

  2. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 5:01 pm

    That sounds stressful, at least it passed before the festivities!

  3. Member
    dancingriss 305 posts, Helper bee @ 9:00 pm

    Your sari is so beautiful!

  4. Member
    jacofblues 1468 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:08 am

    You look beauitful! I have been looking forward to seeing these photos! I hate that you were stressed 🙁 But I hope the rest of the day goes well!

  5. jetsetter Bee
    jetsetter 535 posts, Busy bee @ 4:22 am

    You look amazing!!

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