The One Where I Say Yes

To give you a bit of a timeline, Mr. Man proposed in October of 2011. After the first time around, he and I had talked about having a private proposal; as loudmouthed and outgoing as I am with friends and family, the idea of being proposed to in public again was still terrifying.  Even though I knew it was coming soon, he still completely surprised me by proposing in our apartment while I was cooking dinner. I was blabbing away as usual, when he called from the living room that he thought our newly adopted kitten wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think much of it when he plopped the cat into my arms and turned to presumably go clean up a mess. I looked down at our kitty with concern. He didn’t look sick to me, but he was was obviously distracted by something, and kept pawing at his neck. When I went to see what he was fidgeting with, I saw Mr. Man had tied the ring onto his collar! I looked down to find Mr. Man hadn’t gone far, and was looking down at me expectantly from a few feet away. He was so nervous he forget to get down on one knee, which we laughed about. He got down so quick he had a bruise on his knee! He started saying some more gooey things about me, but I was so happy I just pulled him up from his knee and hugged him like a crazy person. I was so excited it took me a minute to even say yes! Things got dangerous when he tried to remove the ring from around the collar…he was so nervous it flung off and almost landed in the garbage disposal. We had a long laugh about it, and he put it safely on my finger while I recovered from my near heart-attack!

Partner in crime!

And speaking of the ring, he picked the “right one!” Up until the moment of the proposal, I’d been racking my brain wondering which one I hoped it would be. When I saw it dangling from Cade’s neck, I felt relief wash over me. They say when you can’t make a decision, flip a coin. While it’s still in the air, you’ll know which you should choose because while it’s still flipping, you’ll find yourself wishing for one or the other. It was just like that with this!

Without further ado, here’s the ring he asked me to marry him with!



We immediately headed over to my parents house to share the news! I should have slapped some makeup on, because this picture was on Facebook almost immediately after my mom took it! Ah! I still love how happy we look.

Was your proposal still a surprise despite “witnessing” the ring?

P.S, in case anyone is interested, here’s my chubby owl-cat all grown up, laying around like usual.



Miss Manatee

Fort Worth, TX
Wedding Date:
June 2013
Italia, Stiamo Arrivando!
Made in the Shade: Happy New Year!

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  1. Member
    halolover 248 posts, Helper bee @ 12:40 am

    You two are such a cute couple and you really look happy. You are one of those lucky girls who is pretty without makeup on. And that cat is seriously adorable. I love your engagement story.

  2. Member
    wishingonadream04 675 posts, Busy bee @ 11:20 pm

    Yay we are ring twins:) I think its adorable your cat was a part of it.

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