My First Dress Post

We’re jumping right in, hive. It’s dress time!

First and foremost, you all must know that I was obsessing over this one dress for the longest time:


It’s Demetrios 3137. I’ve looked at and written about it so much that when I searched for it in Google images a few months back, my Weddingbee user pic came up. No lies.

That being said, I went wedding dress “shopping” three times in the first four months of my 26 month engagement.

The first time I went was on Long Island with my BFF/maid of honor numero uno, Copper. They didn’t have my dream dress, but I still tried on several dresses that were just “eh”… I had no idea (and a very exact idea) of what I wanted.


This is just a mess of a picture.

(No idea who made this dress)


Facial expression says it all. Although I did kind of like this at the time.

(Pronovias San Patrick Postal)

Just when I thought I was done meandering, I found a Demetrios dress that was similar-ish in style to my love, 3137. Copper and I made a last minute decision, tracked down my consultant, and tried it on.



(Demetrios GR181)


I couldn’t stop staring at myself. Vain, much?

I was very close to declaring this THE ONE and calling it a day. I loved it. It fit me like a glove. It looked amazing and was incredibly figure flattering. But… it wasn’t 3137. I needed to try on that dress. And this one almost seemed a little too formal for the general vibe Mr. Foxy and I are going for at our wedding. So Copper and I left the store happy with the end result and with a few sneaky pictures, as you have seen.

The second trip happen two weeks later, with foxy brideslady A. I decided to go straight to the source, to a Macy’s bridal salon in Virginia, sponsored by Demetrios. Naturally, they had my dress, as well as several similar ones. And it looked just the way I hoped it would; the only downside was that some of the rouching on the body of the dress was messed up and broken, and the dress was about 3 sizes too big so the layers didn’t quite settle right…but even after all that, I still fell in love.


Awkward turtle.



Sigh. Love love love love love love love. The one caveat? It was about $400 over my (Foxy Mama’s) budget.

So off I went to appointment #3…alone. I decided to hit up David’s Bridal to see what they had, and also to appease Foxy Mama. First up was a dress sort of similar to Demetrios 3137, but it just wasn’t quite there.


(DB Galliano Signature SWG354)

The next was a big poofy ball gown that I liked more than I anticipated but made me look like I had one of those shrunken heads.


(DB CWG322)

And then, to my surprise, I kind of fell in like with a very simple gown reminiscent of Maggie Sottero’s Carly. Except this one was only $500. Seriously.


(DB WG3077)


I even got a picture with my consultant in a bridesmaids dress similar in color to what I want my girls to wear!


So that’s that. I found a few I really liked and one I loved, but I still wanted to go shopping with Foxy Mama, or at least hear her opinions on the dresses I already tried on. While I very much liked the last dress…I still couldn’t get over the Demetrios one. I just felt so good in it. Maybe there would be a magical sale at just the right time or someone will be selling their used one? :/ I was definitely hoping!

Anyone else have difficulty finding a dress because of the price, or whatever reason?


Mrs. Fox

Washington DC/Havre de Grace, MD
Wedding Date:
June 2012
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  1. msfox Bee
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:55 am

    @amethystmeg: Thank you, lady! I think it’s GREAT you got the dress.. I actually totally love seeing it on other “real” brides.. kinda makes me love it more =D
    @MySunshine: I just love some of Allure’s dresses.. they have amazing styles with even more amazing prices. Glad you found one!
    @Miss Kid: So did you end up getting it?! Ahh, I do love all the details.. the ruffles are killer. Sabrina’s beautiful! And thanks!
    @utcalgirl: You WILL find one. It’s def not always easy, but I know your dress is out there. And thanks!

  2. porcupine Bee
    porcupine 633 posts, Busy bee @ 10:27 am

    All those dresses look gorgeous on you. Love the layering/flowly look. I got hung up on a dress I never tried on, and it still sort of makes me sad.

  3. ticket Bee
    ticket 501 posts, Busy bee @ 10:49 am

    <3 Awkward Turtle can’t wait to see which dress you end up with!

  4. Member
    pookiepie 317 posts, Helper bee @ 12:09 pm

    goodluck in finding your dress, you look beautiful in all those dresses you’ve tried.

  5. parasol Bee
    parasol 2955 posts, Sugar bee @ 3:34 pm

    Such good taste, Foxy lady! I can’t wait to see what you chose!

  6. teaspoon Bee
    teaspoon 768 posts, Busy bee @ 5:56 pm

    ooo, you tried on some gorgeous dresses!

  7. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 6:24 pm

    The Demetrios looks fabulous on you! Can’t wait to see what dress you chose!

  8. cucumbersandwich Bee
    cucumbersandwich 604 posts, Busy bee @ 6:27 am

    Oooh you look stunning in all the dresses! Can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  9. kettle Bee
    kettle 926 posts, Busy bee @ 8:34 pm

    I didn’t really have difficulty finding a dress. The one I was drooling over didn’t fit me nearly as well as the one I ended up with. Don’t know what I would’ve done if the drool-dress had been perfect.

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