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When we started planning our wedding, I assumed that we would do a receiving line because to me they were part of traditional weddings. Throughout our planning process I learned about alternatives such as visiting each table during the reception, but decided to go with our original plan.

I think a receiving line is great because it is not just about the couple, but also the families that are coming together at this event. Parents are a very important element of weddings (they raised us and might also be paying for the event) and they are just as interested in greeting the guests as the couple—there aren’t many events in life when you can gather all your family and friends at the same time.

Once we said our vows, we walked back down the aisle…


I couldn’t help smiling!


BM K with Best Man N


BM P with GM D (my brother)


{guest photo}

…and lined up for our receiving line. We stood in line with both our parents and my maid of honor. The cocktail hour was held inside of the Lodge, just at the end of the walkway from the receiving line. Once guests had finished greeting us it was only a few steps to their next destination. This helped us create an easy flow for our guests to follow.


BM P was among the first to congratulate us.


My dad


Mr. Bracelet’s dad


{guest photo}


Bowing to my Japanese host-mother


Greeting Mr. Bracelet’s uncle


{guest photo}

My Maid of Honor R remarked after the wedding that she was very glad to have been a part of the receiving line, because our guests enjoyed meeting her and having the opportunity to exchange a few personal words with one of my German friends. So if anyone is wondering whether to include your MOH (or complete bridal party), do so! Your guests will probably enjoy meeting her.

All in all, the receiving line took us 10–15 minutes for about 60 guests. It was great to be able to talk to each guest one on one for a bit, especially as one family wasn’t able to stay for the reception. Also, beware that a veil might be a bit inconvenient when people hug you, but it’ll be OK.

Are you planning on having a receiving line? Why or why not?

All photos by Legacy Photo + Design unless otherwise noted.


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September 2012
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  1. mspalmtree Bee
    Mrs. Palm Tree 1122 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:14 am

    Cutting the receiving line was an easy decision for us, but prior to ours I’d only been to one other wedding where they didn’t have one. It made sense for our logistics (ceremony and reception literally in the same room) but I do love them. They’re very old school and traditional and I think it’s a great way to greet guests.

    Btw – your colors look GREAT in these photos!

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