How Wonderful Life Is: Mangia, Mangia!

Anyone who has an Italian grandma has probably heard those words shouted over a family meal at least once in their lives. Mangia, mangia! Eat, eat!

And eat is exactly what we did. I know there’s this big mythos around whether or not the bride and groom will get to sit down to eat on their wedding day, but honestly, we had no problems with it. B let the head table go through the buffet line first, and guest tables went two at a time after that, so everyone else was eating at the same time we were. We were asked to pose for the occasional picture”¦
I’ll explain to you exactly what I’m wearing here in another post / *

And glasses were clinked for the occasional kiss”¦
I really only included this photo because I love how my hair looks! / *

But for the most part, we ate in peace.

I was suddenly struck by nervous stomach again, so despite my plate full of delicious lasagna, mixed veggies, and salad, all I had an appetite for was my cupcake. So I had cupcakes for dinner. Whatever, dessert for dinner on your wedding day is totally acceptable.

Mr. Wiz used his groom privileges to jump to the front of the bar line and get us two glasses of wine, and the caterer kept our champagne glasses full.

Meanwhile, our guests mangia”˜d on their meals and mingled around with each other. There were a lot of connections made between our two families: Mr. Wiz’s uncle went to high school with my mom (which he realized after reading her name in our ceremony program), his cousin and MOH Lefty’s dad used to play music together, and many others that I can’t remember. Both of our families are deeply rooted in the Pittsburgh area, so it makes sense that they’ve crossed paths a time or two over the decades. It was so fun to hear people realizing how they knew people from the other side of the family – it was almost like a mini class reunion!

While we were eating I took a minute to whip out my phone (yes, really) and snap a few pictures of my own. I think everyone thought I was nuts, but I’m really glad I did this. These grainy iPhone photos are some of my favorites of the day—a “bride’s eye view”, if you will.
My yummy plate of food that I barely had room to eat
Everyone nomming and chatting
What I saw to my left and to my right

This photo, with the colors and the light and the atmosphere and my clutch and bouquet, is the picture that completely captures the wedding day for me. Whenever I want to remember how the wedding day felt, I look back at this picture.

After Mr. Wiz and I had finished our dinners (well, after he had finished his and then made a dent in my plate too), we met up with our photographers and went around to each table to take group photos with everyone there. We really wanted to get photos with each and every one of our guests, and this seemed like the best time to do it. People didn’t mind at all that we asked them to interrupt their dinners for a few minutes. They were happy to oblige, and happy to be visited by us again.

We started at Table 1 and made our way around the room, eventually hitting all 12 tables. I won’t show you every single one (how boring would that get? Pictures of 115 people you don’t know!), but I will show you some highlights.
My non-nuclear “immediate” family, left to right: Aunt D, Wizard Aunt, Uncle F, Mr. Wiz, me, my dad, cousin C, cousin T, and in the front is my grandma and her sister, my Aunt E (who don’t like to smile for pictures!)
Mr. Wiz’s family, left to right: cousin B, Aunt C, Uncle J, Grandma S, me, Mr. Wiz, his mom, his dad, Aunt M, Uncle G (who also doesn’t like to smile for pictures!)
My high school friends. MOH Lefty saw this photo being taken and RAN (in her heels) from the head table to the back of the room and posed like this at the very second the photo was snapped. Classic.
High school (and some college) friends, part two! MOH Lefty joined us for this picture too.

Taking photos with every table was a great way to make sure we got around to see everyone again beyond the receiving line. These people all came out to be with us and celebrate with us, after all, so we made it a priority to see each and every single person. It was fun to get to chat with everyone without the pressure of getting through the receiving line, and just as much as we were profusely thanking everyone for coming, they were complimenting us on the food, the wine, the ceremony, the venue, the decor”¦everything. It made me so happy to know that not only were our loved ones here to celebrate with us in the first place, but they were enjoying everything we had planned for them too!

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Miss something? Follow along here!

First, I kick things off with our wedding video.
I go stir-crazy, and almost choke to death, the week before our wedding.
We had a pretty bad venue setup/rehearsal day.
I’m the bride with the weak stomach.
The crew arrives, and the ladies get pretty.
Hairstylist B accidentally shares a little secret!
Bride and groom exchange cards and a surprise gift.
Tying bow ties is a comedy of errors.
Finally, I become a bride!
All the little details.
A special lady gets a special gift.
Here comes the sun, and the bride (AKA our first look).
We took some family photos.
We processed, and got married!
An unexpected guest showed up and made themselves at home”¦right on Mr. Wiz’s head.
After the ceremony, we greeted our guests, and then headed outside for some bride and groom photo time (which was not without some shenanigans!).
The moment of truth: would our guests have water?

All photos by MichaelWill Photography unless otherwise noted. Images market with an (*) are edited by me, with permission from Michael.


Mrs. Wizard

Wedding Date:
June 2012
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    blonde17jess 1290 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:54 am

    I love the “bride’s eye view” idea… I will definitely try to do that, even if people think it’s silly. That way you know you’ll remember how everything was from your perspective!

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Michael Jon, Guest @ 11:41 pm

    Awesome wedding gown. It has been kept simple but looks stylish with the laced sleeves. It reminds me of the movie “Big Fat Greek wedding”.

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