Registry 101: Plates

I obsessively centered our wedding registry around dishes—the number one thing we needed.

We like to entertain and have already taken over hosting the major holidays, so a good size set of nice dishes* was a necessity. I couldn’t think of anything formal china was needed for (and I already have my great-grandma’s antique Wedgwood, and my mom is happy to pass down her wedding china), and it just didn’t seem worth the expense or the storage.

So I wanted something nice enough for holidays but casual enough for every day.

In white.

Without metallic edges.

But with a little bit of interest.

Who knew that would be so hard to find!

I was hoping for an all-white set of dishes (the better to add fun accents to, and it will never clash with my décor or other table-setting choices), but I didn’t want a Hotel collection or similar—too boring. I wanted some texture to it, just no color (or at least no metallic; I probably could have settled for a little splash of color, but I can’t eat scrambled eggs on a gold-edged plate).

In case you aren’t familiar, these are the usual suspects in dinnerware.

  • Bone China: Thinnest, strongest, most expensive
  • Porcelain: Thinner, fairly durable
  • Stoneware: Usually heavier, more casual feel, can chip fairly easily
  • Other: Um, not the above. Plastic I guess?

So the dish hunt was on. My favorites was the Staccato line from Crate&Barrel, but Shamrock hates the little dots (and thinks it’s too feminine). They also have the White Pearl set, which is bone china instead of porcelain, but it isn’t in stores.


We liked Roulette, but it’s a little gray in person.


Maison was a little boring, but it was OK.


Same goes for Aspen & Essentials. We tried Williams-Sonoma, and both liked the Beaded Hemstitch collection, but it’s fairly pricey—as is the whole store, so I didn’t particularly want to register there.


Visits to Macy’s, Carson Pirie Scott, Bed Bath & Beyond, and everywhere else I could think of turned up no better choices. Frustration was rampant. Shamrock just wanted Corelle. I wanted grownup dishes that I wouldn’t get sick of, in a neutral look, with some interest, that would still go with whatever I wanted. (Clearly, Shamrock was the problem here.)

In the end, I settled. We went boring, but I registered for more than one style of accent plate, and I’m trying hard to be happy about it.

And in an added dose of irony, we found six place settings of Mikasa in a plain white look at Costco for $99.99. The week after we registered. I considered just getting that, but then I’d have nothing left off our registry and end up with a mess of toasters.

What kind of dishes did you pick? Anyone else surprised they were unable to find what they were looking for?

*Actually, I have my dad’s old Mikasa, which I loved for its shape and versatility, but the Monet pastel pattern was not my first choice. Shamrock had Noritake bachelor dishes (these things screamed “boy”), which I could have gotten over had he had more than nine of anything. But I really wanted dishes, so we registered for them.


Mrs. Clover

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June 2014
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  1. msclover Bee
    Mrs. Clover 123 posts, Blushing bee @ 10:21 am

    @Mrs. Bracelet: I was so surprised–who would have thought it be so tough to find something timeless!
    @Mrs. Bicycle: Hotel white by Macys. Honestly not what I wanted, but I couldn’t find anything else. :/
    @LastGirlStanding: Hmm…I like the look of that one. I’ll have to run it by Shamrock.
    @Miss Milk Cow: Ha ha, you’re welcome! I’m really hoping for one set period, which is what made it so tough.

  2. Member
    KMoon5314 518 posts, Busy bee @ 10:49 am

    Ah, this all sounds so familiar!!! Years ago, my grandmother gave me her Mikasa French Countryside dishes when she downsized. I’ve been using these since I got out of college (7 years ago). They’re a beautiful, creamy white. I thought we would get a new set of white dishes for the registry, as ‘our own’. Originally I was going to go with Sophie Conran by Portmeirion, but then I decided that the uneven-ness (they aren’t perfectly round, as they’re designed to look like hand-thrown pottery) would drive me batty. So I looked at every white dish on the planet. And in the end…FI and I decided we like the Mikasa French Countryside the best! So we ended up registering for some additional dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls (which we don’t currently have – only have soup bowls), as some of our pieces are showing a little wear. It’s a beautiful, timeless line, and I already know I love it!

  3. Member
    OKJC 98 posts, Worker bee @ 2:23 pm

    @LastGirlStanding: Another Maze girl here too! It’s a nice, simple line 🙂

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Erica, Guest @ 4:22 pm

    I desperately needed grown-up plates, so I too went on the Great White Dish Hunt. We couldn’t narrow down our registry stores until the dishes were settled. The biggest sticking points were finding a set with a mug that I liked, and the right kind of bowl. I loved patterns with dots but the husband-to-be was having none of that. We ended up with Great White Traditional from Pottery Barn, and I am still super happy with it after 3 years.

  5. Member
    lac125 24 posts, Newbee @ 4:28 pm

    We registered for the Kate Spade Cypress Point for our fine china and the Noritake Colorwave Blue for everyday.

  6. Member
    jennyemm 138 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:50 pm

    lol these all look beautiful to me, although honestly they all also look the same to me… Guess I’m not very plate savvy. Then again I’m the type of person who thinks plastic plates work for everyday use. Thanks for the tips on plate material though! I didn’t know the difference and that really is something I should know for sure. And this definitely gives me more info I wouldn’t normally notice, but should.

  7. msfilly Bee
    Mrs. Filly 85 posts, Worker bee @ 1:54 am

    We’ve got the Aspens. They’re versatile enough to go with anything, and they’re cheap enough that should something chip/break in the future, it’s no big deal to replace something. Stallion was vehemently against plain white dishes – he wanted something crazy like wood or weird colors – but he came around when I showed him how we could incorporate accent dishes into our place settings.

    I hope you guys get something you love – these are your forever dishes! You have to look at them every single day!

  8. msclover Bee
    Mrs. Clover 123 posts, Blushing bee @ 7:16 am

    @lac125: Shamrock has the Colorwave bowls (for cereal) and they’re cute. They chip really easily though. :/
    @OKJC: Point taken! And I think its at Macy’s which is where we registered. I think I thought they were stoneware?
    @Jennyemm: Um, I think you’re right. (Possibly why I was driving Shamrock NUTS?). And after I’d been looking forever they REALLY started all looking the same! The material does matter though, so if you hope to use them for the next ten years, I’d stay away from Stoneware. Its heavy and it chips easily in my opinion.
    @Miss Filly: I went boring, but I did end up getting fun accent dishes, so I feel slightly better!

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    covellka, Guest @ 9:49 am

    My fiance and I aren’t married yet, however, we needed new dishes badly! We got the Essential set from Crate & Barrel and I LOVE them!! So classy looking, I think. Plus, I love that I can now get any other color/print/shape dish I want and they will all look good together!

  10. Member
    OKJC 98 posts, Worker bee @ 12:47 pm

    @Miss Clover: Yeah I thought they might be too but Royal Doulton and Amazon both claim porcelain.

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