Ring Paranoia

I have to admit something…this past week I became slightly paranoid. Remember my post about the Beanstalk wedding bands and how my order was fine and Mr. B’s was not (the jewelers had ordered the wrong ring)? Well, after we left the jewelry store that night, I started to second guess what I had seen. Was it really my ring? It seemed different—smaller, if you will. I started to look at photos I had taken on my iPhone of the band I thought I ordered. It seemed completely different to me…different, meaning bigger! That night I could not sleep, okay, I did eventually fall asleep, but it wasn’t until I had spent hours tossing and turning thinking of my ring! I was convinced they had messed up my order! I started to kick myself for not bringing the ring home with me because had I brought it home, I could have just tried it on and seen for myself if it was right or not!

Instead, I had to wait until Friday before we were able to make it back to the jewelery store! Let me tell you, it was a very long week! I also became paranoid that I left my ring there, after having it paid in full! What if it got lost or misplaced?!? I trust them completely because they are a very reputable jewelery store in the Boston area, but you just never know…you know?!? Things happen (look how they ordered the wrong ring for Mr. B)!

Finally, Friday came and we were at the jewelery store. They presented me with my ring and I tried it on…this time I made sure to be wearing my e-ring (last time they had taken it to be cleaned while I tried the ring on on, which more than likely skewed my view). With all of the rings on, I still wasn’t convinced. They double checked the order and then told us that it was indeed a different ring than what we had ordered! “See, I knew it,” I thought. Then they went on to explain how it was the exact same style only this one was made with diamonds that were .5 carats bigger!!! Say what?!

They explained that the ring I tried on a month earlier seemed larger because it was several sizes too big, so when I actually tried on a ring in my size it appeared different. Then they told me to walk around with the rings on and see how I felt. This did the trick. A few minutes later, I was in pure bliss. I love the look and I know I was just being completely paranoid (yes, I do admit it)! In my defense, what made me second guess myself was the fact that Mr. B had received the wrong ring. If his order had been right, I probably never would have thought a thing was wrong with mine! I just kept thinking, “if his ring was wrong, how do we know that mine isn’t wrong too?!?” I am so glad we went back and I was able to double check. Oh, and I made sure to take my ring home that day…now it is in a safe place and I know exactly where it is!!!

Anyone else get paranoid over something so silly?


Mrs. Beanstalk

Boston/Delray Beach
Wedding Date:
October 2012
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  1. bracelet Bee
    Mrs. Bracelet 279 posts, Helper bee @ 7:12 am

    I don’t think that you’re being over-paranoid. You had good reason to doubt after Mr. Beanstalk’s mix-up.

  2. Member
    anemonie 1578 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:51 am

    I don’t think you’re being overly paranoid at all. I am constantly second guessing myself, I think because weddings involve so many decisions, and I have heard so many stories of vendor problems and mix-ups, which is enough to make anyone a little crazy. I’m glad you like your ring!

    Just to clarify, are you saying that they gave you a ring with bigger diamonds without charging you any more? That’s how I read it, but I could be misinterpreting. If that’s the case though, then score!

  3. mstoadstool Bee
    mstoadstool 2485 posts, Buzzing bee @ 9:51 am

    I would, believe me, something like a ring, so easily confused and so small is IMO easy to list, I’d be extremely paranoid so I totally get how you felt.

  4. Member
    Almost Mrs.P 2056 posts, Buzzing bee @ 12:30 pm

    So are you going to show us the ring?? 🙂

  5. coyote Bee
    coyote 2051 posts, Buzzing bee @ 4:19 pm

    Ohhh I could see myself doing that B! I overanalyze everythingggg. So glad everything is right and that your ring is in your possession! 😀

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