My Opinion on the Whole Same-Sex Marriage Debate.

OK, let’s pretend that I’m not biased. (In fact, I’m not, but you might not believe me.) Let’s pretend that my relationship with another woman, Lady T, has nothing to do with my emotions toward same-sex marriage. (Again, it doesn’t, but you might disagree.)

I want to emphasize that these are my opinions. I don’t claim to know it all, to have studied it all, or even to have worked through it all myself. These opinions are based on my personal experience and how I was raised.

I have a fundamental conflict with government controlling the legality of marriage.

I also have an issue with religion dictating that marriage is strictly between a man and a woman. Let me repeat, religion.

The Bible, according to some religions the word of God, was written how long ago? Additionally, how many times was it translated JUST in writing? Let’s not even think about how each individual person reads and interprets the meaning behind the words in that book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying the importance of the Bible or the words within it, I’m merely suggesting that understanding the book within the context in which it exists is important to consider.

I understand that God’s intention for marriage was for man to not be alone and to lead a life that takes a person’s soul to heaven. Essentially, a life partner who makes you the best version of yourself and brings you closer to God.

What a brilliant concept.

I don’t know about you, but I loathe being lonely. I do the most random, idiotic things when I’m lonely–because I’m not accountable, I don’t have a sense of loyalty, nor do I feel the need to be a good version of me, because who cares but me?!

Having a partner to share your life with is downright genius. Props to you, Big Guy, for thinking of us enough to guide us toward sharing ourselves with one another in order to be closer to you.

Having said all of that, please tell me where the government was mentioned? Additionally, where was ANY religious institution mentioned?

It wasn’t.

So forgive me for being so forthright about it, but what the hell?

WHY do we allow other people to tell us what’s right, just, and best for us?

It’s not “standard” or “traditional” for a woman to choose a woman for marriage, but that doesn’t make it wrong when it happens. Just like it’s not standard or traditional for 98% of the world’s population to earn a terminal degree, but we don’t take away the rights of the people who do so when they become doctors. I might be comparing apples to oranges here, but do you see my point? Just because something isn’t mainstream doesn’t make it wrong or against the word of God.

The reason same-sex union is so highly debated is because it makes some people feel uncomfortable.

If I was downright against everything that made me uncomfortable, I’d never wear pants, never sit next to someone who is eating, or, heck, why leave my house? I’m ALWAYS comfortable there.

My point is, same-sex marriage isn’t an abomination in the eyes of God. How could it be? So long as the union causes both souls to lift one another up closer to God, who cares what their anatomy consists of?

Did you know that eating shellfish is an abomination according to the straightforward interpretation of words in the Bible? In fact, it says so just a few passages before it talks of man lying with man. My point here is to understand the context in which these words were written. When the Bible was written, times were different. Shellfish consumption was thought to be an abomination. Women were property. See what I mean? Different times, peeps.

The point of all the scripture in the Bible, in my opinion, is to learn to be a good person. Whom you choose to spend your life with should be someone who supports you, loves you, gives openly to you, and, most importantly, forgives you. Who cares if that person’s anatomy is the same as your own? I sure don’t!

When Lady T and I wed*, it will be “legal” in the state we’re getting married in, but when we come home it won’t be. Frankly, I don’t care about that. I KNOW I’m committing to her. I KNOW my life is going to be spent dedicated to her. I don’t need the government to dictate that for me.

So guess what? We’re going to get married anyway. And I’ll never refer to my WEDDING as a commitment ceremony. We’re having a wedding; we’re getting married. God knows it, we know it, our families know it. And we’re all flipping jazzed about it!!

*This pertains to the legal ceremony we’ll have, not our actual wedding in December.


Ms. Tiara

May 17
Wedding Date:
February 2016
Stuck on You: I Love You! And I Don't Care Who Nose It!

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