Savannah Scouting: Rehearsing the Rehearsal Dinner

Mr. B and I spent a few days in Savannah to work on wedding details, eat too much delicious food, and enjoy beautiful weather. This is an entry in a recap of that trip.

One thing we love to do in Savannah (well, anywhere we go if we’re being honest) is eat. We made dinner reservations at the place where we will be having our rehearsal dinner, Belford’s, and it did not disappoint.


We were introduced to Belford’s on our first anniversary trip. Looking for somewhere to eat lunch, we wandered into Ellis Square. A beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating caught our eye so we stopped in—and I am so glad we did! We had an amazing lunch and loved everything about the restaurant.


We looked at Belford’s for our reception, but it wasn’t quite right for that—but it was the right fit for our rehearsal dinner! The restaurant has both inside and outside seating and it is divided almost in half. You can rent one half and they will open up the doors to combine the inside and outside spaces.

A view of the outside seating:


What will be our section of the outside:


Our section of the inside:


These are the doors that will open to the outside:


The doorway to the main part of the restaurant, which can be closed off:


We plan on having our bridal party and families come to a sit-down dinner. We will then open it up to everyone for a “welcome reception.” I anticipate only needing the indoor space for the dinner but then opening up the outdoor space for the reception. I am already so excited to see everyone! It will be nice to catch up with friends I don’t get to see very often.

After the reception people will be in a great place to grab a drink and listen to music. This is the view of the square where Belford’s is located:


It is two or three blocks of restaurants and bars, and there is usually a band playing at the end of the square. The best part? It is right next to where I will spend that night (and the next). My goal is to be able to really enjoy this evening—to be done with everything and stress free. Hah! Good luck with that?

I know this is a bit more formal for a rehearsal dinner than some choose, but it seemed right for us. One of the reasons we love Savannah is the great food, and having a nice dinner will be the perfect way to showcase that.

Did you have a welcome reception? Am I crazy for thinking I will be able to relax and actually enjoy myself the day before the wedding?

Random coincidence: I was watching Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year the other night and one of the couples had their rehearsal dinner there, too. See it here.

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