Save the Date Rhymes

It’s five months out, and Mr. Parfait was ready to send our Save the Dates weeks ago. I caused a series of delays (just call me Miss Indecisive), including a last-minute plan to enclose a sweet two-line poem. It would add a personal touch and let people know that the enclosed item is a magnet. We came up with a few of our own, searched Weddingbee for ideas, and asked our rhyming-inclined friends for suggestions. Out of ideas, Mr. Parfait suggested we post the question on another online community.

At first, I asked him not to””I thought most of the comments would be useless, crass, and generally anti-wedding. (It ain’t no Weddingbee!) And many of them were. But we did it for fun, braced ourselves for the worst, and, 308 replies later, actually found a few gems! Here are the ones that made us smile:

We’re having a wedding, as you might have guessed/And this magnet means we want YOU as a guest!

When we met, we knew it was fate/Here is a magnet to save the date.

A magnet for you to let you know/Our wedding’s approaching, we hope you go!

When you go to the fridge to feed your face/Remember our wedding’s time and place.

Put this magnet in your kitchen/So you’ll remember when we’re hitchin’.

He popped the question; she said, “Yes!”/Now he’s renting a tux and she’s buying a dress.

Fish, chicken or beef tonight/We’re getting married, you’re coming, right?

You might remember this date in your head/To be safe, here’s a magnet with the date we will wed.

Good company, good food and good wine/Please be there when I make her mine.

Like this magnet on metal, we’re joining together/So make sure you’re there when we make it forever.

A small reminder for you to keep/Of the day your friends took the leap.

Instead of eating that leftover meatloaf/Come to our wedding in April, you sweet oaf.

We’re getting married a little later/Keep this on your refrigerator.

Before you eat too much to easily digest/Remember this date to fit in your dress.

____ and ____ will soon exchange vows/Then culminate the night with bow-chicka-bow-wows.

Our wedding is what this magnet’s about/So if you can come, just give us a shout!

Save the date, we hope you come./There will be cake, OM NOM NOM NOM!

We’re still deciding on which one to use. If it were your magnet, which one would you choose?

Or if you can do better, please give us a hand. A rhyme from the hive would be just as grand!


Mrs. Parfait

Wedding Date:
April 2010
Step by Step: Some Toasts, Thanks and More Dancing
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    Hope It’s Not Too Late! « Miss Parfait, Guest @ 1:03 am

    […] you know, we wanted to include a short poem to tell people, “Hey, I’m a magnet.  Don’t throw me away!”  Here’s […]

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Hope It’s Not Too Late! | Weddingbee, Guest @ 4:55 pm

    […] you know, we wanted to include a short poem to tell people, “Hey, I’m a magnet. Don’t throw me away!” Here’s what they’ll see when […]

  3. Member
    rnmomto3 138 posts, Blushing bee @ 8:53 pm

    Am stealing Kitchen/ Hitchin’. Thanks so much! Our STDs are a man and woman on horses in the sunset so that one was perfect!

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    mickeyboo, Guest @ 5:24 am

    Here s one that I came up with…

    This keepsake magnet is just for you
    A reminder of the day we will say “I do”.
    We are excited to see you; we can hardly wait
    So please grab your calendar and Save the Date!

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