Far Beyond Forever: Details and Favorites

One of my favorite things to remember in the weeks leading up to our wedding came from our very own Mrs. Yorkie: “Don’t let the details become bigger than the purpose.” I even wrote it on a Post-It and stuck it above my work desk!

Nevertheless, there were lots of pretty details to our wedding, some of which you may have seen before but here they all are in one post to do them justice.

‘Something old, and something bee-orrowed’:

guinea pig1

My bouquet, wrapped in lace from my mom’s 35 year old wedding dress! I’m so glad my mom didn’t mind me cutting up the sleeve of her dress for this, I loved carrying a piece of my parents’ wedding down the aisle with me. The hair flower was borrowed from the ever-fabulous Mrs. Cupcake, and it matched what I was wearing perfectly.

‘Somethings new, borrowed, and blue’:

guinea pig2

The ‘new’ was obviously my dress, which I absolutely love and wish I could wear again right now. My ‘blue’ were my shoes, which I had dyed to that fabulous color, and my ‘borrowed’ is the necklace draped from the top of my perfume bottle – the necklace was a gift from Mr. GP to his mom, years ago!

Moving on to the ceremony, there were the flowers lining the aisle,


Our programs,


Sunglasses for people to take because the guests were facing the setting sun (so much for a funny rhyming sign – I think my brain was fried by the time we printed the signage out the night before we left!),


and the bunting, fluttering in the wind!


After that, we had our cocktail hour with delicious food – one of our stationary setups consisted of three different appetizers each paired with a complementary Dogfish Head beer.


The one shown in this photo was a crostini topped with grilled flat iron steak, stilton cheese and caramelized onions (yum), paired with the 60 minute IPA.

Once we got to the reception, guests picked up their escort flower,


and took their seats at the lovely tables that greeted them!


Throughout the reception, people took advantage of our two flip-flop baskets (each pair was held together with leftover labels we printed for our water bottles… what?! we printed too many!),


and signed cards for our ‘guest box‘ next to a flower arrangement with lilacs that smelled heavenly (the cards to sign were spread out on the table below the glass shelf that held the instructions and the box to put them in):


Then, at the end of the night, here’s how we thanked our guests for spending their evening with us, celebrating our newly minted marriage.


We had three different kinds of favors that guests could choose from: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, or blue & yellow jelly beans! Luckily for Mr. GP and me, there were a few leftovers of each after the wedding, so we thanked ourselves for having a wedding and chowed down while reading the sweet and funny notes guests had stuck in our guest box.

There were a couple DIY projects that got missed in the pro photos (inevitable), but luckily I think we have guest photos of each!

Finally, I couldn’t resist throwing in a few of my favorite photos that haven’t made it into my posts:


I mean, come on – look at those baby blues!


I love this close up with some of my bridesmaids.


Mr. Guinea Pig’s brother is definitely NOT a dancer, so when Mr. GP’s mom spotted him on the dance floor, this look of delight resulted. I just love how happy they both look in this photo as she goes in for a hug!


Hahaha – BFFs.


Proof that (not-so-) shorty(s) can get low. 😀


Mr. Guinea Pig shares a moment over milk and cookies with two of his best friends.

Okay, okay – I’ll stop there! It was hard narrowing down photos to put in recaps (clearly, since I still managed to have 15 recap posts of our wedding day). But I hope all the photos have given you a sense of what our wedding was like – how surrounded by love we felt, and how much fun we had with our friends and family.

All the details were fun to dream up, plan and execute, but in the end the things I most love looking back on from our wedding are the photos with our guests, and the incredible display of support we had for our marriage. It means the world to us that they took time out of their lives to celebrate with us! So don’t forget: the details are fun and make things beautiful, but don’t let them become bigger than the purpose (getting married)!

Up next: a fond farewell

*** All photos in this post copyright Amy Deputy Photography ***


Mrs. Guinea Pig

Baltimore, MD
Wedding Date:
May 2010
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    jordynrose 6351 posts, Bee Keeper @ 2:45 am

    Love your details! The shoe/perfume bottle shot is so cool!

  2. msbuttons Bee
    msbuttons 5014 posts, Bee Keeper @ 9:33 am

    Your details are all so fabulous. I love how the apps were paired with a specific beer; it is such a cool idea! I also love the photo of Mr. GP having milk and cookies with his friends…like little boys at a sleepover…haha!

  3. cola Bee
    cola 2827 posts, Sugar bee @ 5:45 pm

    I big puffy heart seeing all your details in one post!

  4. taffy Bee
    taffy 3081 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:10 pm

    The details are amazing!!!! The escort flowers… *swoon*

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