The Cocktail to Be Named Later

Because the name is, so far, totally eluding me.

Which is sorta weird because the names are usually what come to me first on a project like this, and they help guide the rest of the components. I suppose I’m putting a wee bit of pressure on myself with this one and that’s why it’s taken me this long to get this far with the cocktail inspiration.

Enough navel gazing! What (as-yet-unnamed) cocktail will we be serving to our guests and what bit of bubbly did we decide on???

Our mystery bubbles | personal photo

Our mystery bubbles | personal photo

A mixture of pomegranate juice and dark chocolate vodka topped off by the Barefoot Moscato Spumante champagne!

The pomegranate is from my original cocktail, and the chocolate—well, who really says no to chocolate? Not the Road Trips! We both prefer the sweeter, dessert-y-er cocktails for general consumption, so including chocolate was a good, safe (tasty!) call. The Barefoot Moscato was the only one of the three that really let the other flavors come through, and its rather gentle price point certainly doesn’t hurt.

I hadn’t intended on having such a strong base spirit getting into the mix to compete with the wine, but my first version with Godiva liqueur didn’t go so well.

Did anyone else notice the switch Godiva made a little while back? It used to be the color and consistency of, say, Kahlua, but now it’s more a creme liqueur. And let me tell you, creme liqueurs do not like to play nice with fruit juices. There is a cocktail (well, it’s more of a shot, I think) that takes “advantage” of this sort of curdling effect liqueurs have with other liquids (it’s called a cement mixer for gross and obvious reasons—ick), but it’s not very appetizing if you ask me. So my second option was a flavored vodka I had on hand, and it paired surprisingly well with the champagne* and juice.

After a quick check with the venue that we could have the bartenders top off our prepared mixture of pomegranate and chocolate with the bubbly, rather than serving it all pre-mixed from a beverage dispenser as originally planned (and thus keeping as much of the effervescence as possible), we’re good to go with whatever we end up calling this.

Which leads me to our first bit of signage created for the wedding:

painting in progress | personal image

Painting in progress | Personal image

I used one of our engagement pictures for a reference and drew up this little framed sign with the vines reminiscent of the ones on our StD cards (they’ll keep showing up as the DIYs continue). Since I haven’t decided what size frame/mat I want to use, I decided to scan it and paint it digitally—that way I can re-size it at will. (Traditional watercolors really don’t scan well, in my experience.) Not to mention digital painting lets me get away with NOT erasing all my sketch lines—bonus!

OK, let’s hear it! Got any suggestions for a name for this sweet and sparkly concoction? I really want to use the word “sparkler” or “sparkling” in the name; it’s coming up with what to pair with it that has me stumped.

*Small-c, following the old rules that sparkling wines made in the style of the French region of Champagne could still claim that title, even though the practice is otherwise prohibited these days; Barefoot was apparently grandfathered in. There’s your spirited (!) trivia of the day.


Mrs. Road Trip

Wedding Date:
November 2013
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  1. Member
    Dancing-in-September 478 posts, Helper bee @ 10:17 pm

    Or Sparkling First Blush. (first blush is a synonym for sunrise). The internet told me so.

  2. Member
    Dancing-in-September 478 posts, Helper bee @ 10:23 pm

    Ooh or The Blushing Sparkler. Ok I’m gonna stop now.

  3. roadtrip Bee
    roadtrip 803 posts, Busy bee @ 8:01 pm

    @BigWhiteDress: @BigWhiteDress: @Mrs. Palm Tree: I considered that but there’s the whole drinking and driving connotation I’m just not cool with.

    @Miss Bicycle: The Sweetheart Sparkler is a good one!

    @Mrs. Camel: Thank you! Yup, art is one of my side-gigs. One day I’m hoping it’ll be more of a main gig!

    @pocketfox: Good to know.

    @parisianbee: Ooooh! Pomegranate Passion is now on the possibility list. Thanks!

    @ykyegbride: That’s always a good mix 🙂

    @soontobemrsjohnnyb: And I’ll have to give your fav a try sometime, too!

    @Dancing-in-September: Thanks! Sun-Up Sparkler is now on the list 🙂

  4. Member
    cosmo_gmr 488 posts, Helper bee @ 1:23 pm

    I think I’ve said it before… But you’re so freaking multi-talented!!!
    The cocktail sounds delicious! I won’t offer any name suggestions because I’m really bad at naming things XD

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