Favourite Places: St. Lawrence Antique Market

The St. Lawrence Market Sunday Antique Market is definitely one of my favourite places in the city. It starts at something like 5AM, which is apparently when all the vintage clothing store owners and interior designers get there to snap up all the best deals. I am still always asleep in my bed at that point, but I’ve still managed to find some lovely stuff. I’m such a frequent visitor that I’m pretty sure I’ll be finding many items for the wedding here.

Here are a few of my favourite finds (I apologize for my lack of photography skills):

A gorgeous little clutch I picked up for $5.

Another lovely clutch. This one was a bit expensive at $10.

I am completely in love with silhouettes and really want to figure out a way to work them into our wedding. I’m also trying to figure out where to put them in our apartment… I think Mr. Knitting is a bit annoyed that they appear to be living on our living room floor! I think I paid $12 for the both of these.

Broaches! I love bows (as long as they don’t look too too precious!) and cameos. Each was less than $10.

Candlesticks for $5

I didn’t actually realize that I seem to lean towards items that are black, white, or silver until I saw all of these items together! Maybe I should think about that for a colour scheme…

Anyway, the market is really my go to place in Toronto for everything from jewelry and accessories to home decor and many many gifts. It’s also just a really fun way to spend the morning (because, yes I am an old lady inside!).

What’s your go to place in your city? Is it going to be incorporated in your wedding somehow?


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  1. Member
    Miss Teddy Bear 6 posts, Newbee @ 2:04 pm

    I love markets too and totally agree you should check out the one in Aberfoyle. I’ve been there once and it’s amazing.
    I also like the St. Lawrence Antique Market. It’s in my neighbourhood and I pop in there about every other Sunday. I’ve found some great stuff there too!

  2. Member
    Miss Teddy Bear 6 posts, Newbee @ 2:05 pm

    So excited it’s going to play a big role in your wedding!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Let Them Eat Cake (Inspiration) | Weddingbee, Guest @ 5:45 pm

    […] you saw my St. Lawrence Market post you know I’m a big fan of cameos, so I love the fact that this cake included […]

  4. knitting Bee
    knitting 1072 posts, Bumble bee @ 9:12 pm

    @Miss Teddy Bear: okay now I really really want to go to that aberfoyle one.

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