Beanstalks in Paradise: In the Trees

The last excursion we did was a fun one. We went zip-lining! Neither of us had ever done it before, so we were both excited. The place we went to do it at was small, which was perfect for beginners like us! It was on a plantation (the Morne Cobaril Estate in Soufriere) and the the zip-line course went into the forest on the grounds.


I’m kind of scared of heights, so was a little terrifying at first, but I got the hang of it. For some reason I kept getting stuck out in the middle of the line and would then have to pull myself to the other end! Apparently I was gripping too tightly! Eventually I could make it all the way across! Our guides kept showing us all of these fancy ways to zip across. Mr. Beanstalk rather enjoyed flying in the trees with no hands. I, however, stuck with the simple two-handed method.


It was just Mr. B and me, with two guides, who were super nice and obliged us with tons of action photos (and video)! The setting was beautiful. We could see the ocean, the town of Soufriere, and the Pitons!


A short little video one of our awesome guides took for us:

*The fun starts at 29 seconds.

This was a good course for beginners. I liked how we were not deep in the jungles while zip-lining, and that the lines were not terribly long either…it was perfect for a first-timer like me! Apparently on the other side of the island there is another zip-line course that is more difficult and a bit longer (so if you’ve zipped before and are visiting St. Lucia, you may want to check out that course).


View of the the town of Soufriere from our zip-line course


The plantation grounds

When we were done flying through the trees, we went back to our hotel, which was only a 10-minute car ride, and headed to the Rain Forest Spa!


Photo via Sugar Beach


Words cannot even begin to describe what an amazing spa this is. It is like straight out of a Disney movie (Swiss Family Robinson, anyone?). All of the treatment rooms are built in the trees, right in the rain forest on the hotel grounds. We booked the Renaissance Romance package, which included a couples massage, lunch, and a dip in a private pool.


This is exactly what our room looked like. In the back you can see the rock plunge pool. / Image via Visual Itineraries

We did the spa on the second to last day of our stay, and if we had done it earlier, I know we would have gone back again and again!

Once we were done with the spa, we decided to take the Rain Forest Trail, which is located right next to the spa entrance. The trail is basically a short hike through the rain forest. It takes about 10 minutes, and you end up down by the pool.



I would recommend zip-lining if you visit St. Lucia. It’s a fun activity surrounded by beautiful scenery. Also, if you have the chance to visit the Rain Forest Spa, you will not be disappointed! Apparently Oprah frequents it when she is on the island, so who knows, you might even spot her! But do make appointments early on, as they do book up fast!


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  1. mssquirrel Bee
    mssquirrel 276 posts, Helper bee @ 12:37 pm

    Ah! I am dying to go zip lining!!! I keep telling Mr. S we need to book one for our honeymoon…you’ve just motivated me to get moving 🙂

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Workerbee, Guest @ 1:04 pm

    Looks like so much fun!!

  3. msmongoose Bee
    msmongoose 264 posts, Helper bee @ 1:36 pm

    Great pictures and the rainforest spa looks INCREDIBLE. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  4. mspony Bee
    mspony 9265 posts, Buzzing Beekeeper @ 1:50 pm

    Both of these activities sound perfect! I love the pictures you got from zip lining, totally worth dealing with your fear of heights!

  5. sword Bee
    sword 1029 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:06 pm

    I think I’m too nervous to go zip-lining but you’re inspiring me to more brave!

  6. Member
    This Time Round 10219 posts, Sugar Beekeeper @ 8:49 pm

    Ahh-haa, so you did go zip-lining while in St Lucia.

    Lol, you are braver than I.

    It is something I’ve never done, but I’ve heard it is a lot of fun, and your pics are great (I had heard the views were gorgeous).

    Believe that this was the same spot that the folks on our Ship Excursion went to… they shared the ferry with us, and got off at Soufriere, while we continued on our way to the Jalhousie Plantation Beach for some snorkelling.

    On the way back to Castries, after we picked them up they were the rowdy bunch, enjoying the Rum and gettin in a little bit of Booty Dancin’… It was a ton of fun. And, I can’t seem to get that song out of my head now “St Lucia We Love” =

    I certainly have great memories of St Lucia… and as the song says “I must come back”

    Guessing, you feel the same !!

  7. Member
    fevew 22 posts, Newbee @ 10:48 pm

    Looks like so much fun!!you guys had a great time!

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    worker bee, Guest @ 8:51 am

    and wow…. OPRAH!!! OMG!!!!!!!

  9. Member
    sunshinebee 672 posts, Busy bee @ 10:26 am

    You should get commission from the resort- because you have totally sold me on it! LOL. Can you PM me with the full name of the resort and what your vacation is costing you? (if you don’t mind) I’m curious if it’s in my budget. Thank you!

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