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As you can see from all of my previous honeymoon posts, we did quite a bit of sightseeing while on our honeymoon! Mr. B and I met several other honeymooning couples at our resort, and when we all compared what activities we had done, for the most part the other couples spent their days at the hotel by the beach. We could have totally done that too because it was an amazing resort with a beyond gorgeous beach, but we wanted to see the island, and the funny thing is…we didn’t even make it to the other side of St. Lucia! There’s a whole other side by the island’s capitol of Castries that we just didn’t have the time to explore! (We plan to make it over there on our next trip.)


With that said, we did do quite a bit, but it never seemed like we were constantly on the go. The activities we did were all fairly close to the resort and enabled us to return by lunchtime so we could enjoy a nice meal by the water. We then spent the rest of the day beach side! After watching the sunset by the shore we would relax by our private pool. It was pure paradise!


Some pics of the hotel (including Mr. B enjoying the resort’ s newly opened and renovated pool)

For anyone interested in visiting St. Lucia, do check out Sugar Beach,A Viceroy Resort because it is pretty spectacular! We felt like it was our very own little slice of heaven for the week! It is a fairly large resort located on prime real estate, right in between the Pitons. The resort is set up so that all of the accommodations are scattered throughout the grounds, creating total privacy for guests.


The resort grounds are reminiscent of an old sugar plantation.

The resort offers complimentary transportation to anywhere on the grounds. All you have to do is call your butler, and before you know it a car is waiting for you! And if you forget to call, no worries—there always seemed to be a car whenever we needed one! I should point out, these aren’t your typical cars…they are more like over-sized golf carts, perfect for island living! The drive was always very pleasant and it only took a few minutes from our room to the beach!

*Side note: Since our visit in November, the resort has introduced a new means of transporting guests on the property…tuk-tuks! How cool are these?!?


Image via Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort on Facebook

Now let’s talk about the beach. The beach is located in the most stunning location. To your direct right, Petit Piton juts out from the ocean, and to your left, Gros Pit can be seen in the distance. It was amazingly beautiful. The water is a deep blueish green hue that really makes you feel like you are miles away on a deserted island paradise. Snorkeling equipment is complimentary, so we often snorkeled at the beach.


Some beach photos

The thing that we really loved about the beach, besides the setting, was the lounge chairs! They are these huge mattress-like beds that are so inviting and oh so comfortable. There were also lots of tiki huts that provided great shade from the hot sun (perfect for Mr. B, who doesn’t like the sun as much as I do).

*Side note: The sun on St. Lucia is very hot! I didn’t know what exactly to expect as far as weather goes, because in Miami in the fall it can get a bit chilly (the day after the wedding temperatures dipped to the 50s). But because St. Lucia is located just 14 degrees north of the equator, it is always warm!


There are wild cats on the resort grounds. Mr. B is a HUGE cat lover and quickly made some friends. This little guy would not leave our villa’s deck! He was always waiting for Mr. B!

You may be wondering about meals (what we ate and where). Our hotel offered different types of meal plans at an additional cost. We opted to go with the modified meal plan, which included breakfast and dinner. We decided not to do the full meal plan, which was all three meals and afternoon tea, because we figured if we ever were out and about and wanted to eat somewhere off of the hotel grounds we could. However, as it turned out, we never ate anywhere other than the hotel! The food was just that good! Plus, we were always back from our sight-seeing by lunchtime, so we would just eat on the beach, which was such a treat. Each lounge chair is equipped with a red flag, so whenever you want something you simply raise the flag in the sand and a waiter will come to you.


Left: enjoying breakfast and the view at Bayside / Right: the more formal Great Room setting

There were two restaurants on the hotel grounds, and we could choose where we wanted to eat dinner. Bayside was the more casual of the two. It was located on the beach and was also the restaurant where breakfast was served each morning. The Great Room was located in the main hotel building, and was very reminiscent of a large great room in a plantation house. They had a few tables lined up on the balcony overlooking the grounds and beach, which was the best spot to eat! We enjoyed both restaurants, but preferred the laid-back ambiance of Bayside.

*Side note: There are now three restaurants at Sugar Beach! The Terrace opened shortly after our stay at the resort. This is now the restaurant where breakfast is served. It is located right below the Great Room with views of the hotel grounds.

If you want to take a break from the sun and sand, there are other activities to keep you occupied at the resort. There’s a gym and tennis courts on the grounds. There’s also a game room and a lounge/bar, and you can rent movies. We were there at the end of October into November, so on Halloween they showed a festive movie on the beach and served popcorn!

If you are planning your honeymoon or even just a getaway vacation, you should really consider St. Lucia. There is so much to do and see and the setting is beautiful. I’ve been all over the Caribbean, and I have to say this is probably one of my favorite islands! Also, Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort is hands down an incredible place to stay. They really take care of you and make sure you are having the time of your life!


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    Matt Damon recently hired out the whole resort for his vow renewal! And Gwenth Platrow spend New yrs at this resort…

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