Miss Mink Acquires a “Stunt Double” Ring

Just a few months after we got engaged, Mr. Mink and I decided to stop in do some very preliminary shopping for wedding bands. We knew we had plenty of time to order our bands, but we like our jeweler so much that we can’t help but go into say hello to her when we walk by.

Mr. Mink once said that he never imagined that he’d have someone to call “my jeweler” in his life. Diane became his jeweler when he started buying me pieces from my favorite jewelry designer a few years ago. I didn’t know her very well, but when we shopped for my engagement ring, I got to know her better. During that shopping trip, we looked at scores of rings, but I fell in love with one setting. When Mr. Mink proposed, I was so excited to see that he used that setting. I’m sure the little notes Diane had been making in her book when we shopped together had helped. I loved my ring.

I didn’t love what I learned when we did that preliminary browsing: that the shape of my ring would require a custom made band if I wanted the two rings to fit together without smoothly.


Oh pretty ring, why are you so difficult? / Photo by Miss Mink

Diane estimated that they’d need to keep my ring for a couple weeks to make the band. We decided that we’d get the process going right away. We could have waited until closer to the wedding, but we imagined being a bit busier then and thought it might be smart to get this purchase out of the way. I handed my ring over to Diane on the spot and she told me she’d call as soon as I could have it back.

For the first day, I wore my grandmother’s engagement ring, which my aunt gave me for my 21st birthday with a pearl in it. I only wear that ring on special occasions and worried about damaging the pearl, so I switched to wearing a chunky ring meant for the right hand after that. Mr. Mink thought that ring looked funny and felt strange when he held my hand, so I went with nothing for a day.

I thought it was interesting that my hand felt very strange without a ring after just a few months of wearing mine. It was almost a distraction. I decided that I would give in and get a “stunt double” ring.

Stunt doubles are an interesting topic in wedding land. Some say that having a back up ring is absolutely necessary when traveling abroad. Some thing they are frivolous. I guess I fall somewhere in between those two opinions. I didn’t see having a second ring as a necessity, but I thought it would be nice to have.

As we walked through a mall just a day later, I noticed that one of the department stores was having one of those sales where things are 50% off and then another 20% off sign is tacked on top of the displays. I decided to look at the costume jewelry to see if there was anything that could take the place of my engagement ring while it was with the jeweler. Most of the faux engagement rings were so big that they looked ridiculous on my hand, but I found one ring that was just a little bit smaller than my ring. I don’t remember the price off the top of my head, but it was a pittance compared to the original price.

You’ve already seen the ring…I was wearing it when I went to Charleston to pick up my wedding gown.


Photo by Paige Winn

Diane wound up calling after three weeks, so I got a bit more use out of the stunt double than I expected. Perhaps I’ll use it again if we travel. It was nice to have my engagement ring on my finger again and it was exciting to try on my custom band before locking it away for the wedding.


Photo by Miss Mink

While we were with Diane, we decided that she should sell us something for Mr. Mink for the first time. Mr. Mink is fantastic at buying gifts for others, so it was funny to see how indecisive he was about picking out a ring for himself. I thought it was pretty cute that he kept asking me if I was happy with the rings as he tried them on. Here’s what we wound up with:


Photo by Miss Mink

So now I’m curious. Do you have a “stunt double” ring? In what situations would you seeing having a back up ring helpful?


Mrs. Mink

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Wedding Date:
June 2012
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    wineandcupcakes 2121 posts, Buzzing bee @ 12:40 am

    One: your ring is gorgeous!!!

    Two: I had never thought about at stunt double until after finding the bee, but I’m on the train that thinks it’s awesome.

    My FI spent weeks having my ring custom made, and even though we have insurance on it, I don’t ever want to have to use it. So for things like honeymoons or traveling abroad, I’ll definitely be getting a stunt double.

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