How Wonderful Life Is: A Sunset Photo Sesh

After our first dance, B took to the mic again and opened up the dance floor to everyone. But after the first song or two, it was pretty much pathetically empty. Seeing the complete lack of party and seeing us making fools of ourselves trying to get people to dance with us, our photographers quickly swept us away again for a little photo session outside in the “golden hour” of sunset.

I’m really glad that they did this because, not only are the photos absolutely gorgeous and some of my favorites of the day, but also this was the original vision I had for our engagement pictures, but we kept getting rained out. I was bummed that we didn’t have glowy, sunset-y photos of ourselves, but this more than made up for it.


In the middle of this photo session, my feet started seriously aching. I had made it this far into the day in my four-inch heels, but by now my feet were pretty much done. The sock-stretching method had worked like a charm, but it was the heel height that was the problem—the balls of my feet were excruciating! I was quite literally breathless with pain, but I couldn’t take my shoes off because I didn’t want to be barefoot in the grass (it’s a personal problem—I just hate being barefoot in grass). So we came up with this method of me leaning on Mr. Wiz and him essentially holding me up, taking the weight off my feet for the time being. We did this in between photos at first, but our photographers caught us in the act once and thought it was cute, so that became our go-to pose.

I think it looks more like I’m kiss-tackling Mr. Wiz.

Once the sun was below the horizon, we went back inside. I immediately collapsed into the Adirondack chair in the foyer and kicked my shoes off, and sat until I could bear the thought of putting weight on my (bare) feet again. My shoes stayed off for the rest of the night, too-long dress be damned.

We got back inside just in time for the first of our guests to leave. I couldn’t believe people were leaving already—the night had just started, in my mind! But as we meandered back into the room and tried to get the dance floor started up again (to no avail), there was a steady stream of people saying their good-byes and trickling out the door. Our wedding day was coming to a premature end, and my heart broke a little with every goodbye. I wasn’t ready for the day to end!

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All photos by MichaelWill Photography unless otherwise noted. Images market with an (*) are edited by me, with permission from Michael.


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June 2012
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    @cosmo_gmr: Tempting 🙂

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    the sunlight is perfect!

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    These photos are gorgeous!

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    Andreas Moser, Guest @ 2:02 am

    I was promised a sunset, but then these folks got in the way of it.
    I have put together some advice for readers who also wish to take beautiful sunset photos:

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