Table Numbers – Revisited

Quite a while ago I lamented over what to do for our table numbers. Luminaries wouldn’t work because it would still be pretty light outside at dinner time, and I just wasn’t too excited about anything that I’d seen in the way of table tents or metal holders. Frames didn’t really work for the feel of the tables either, and pretty much the only thing I’d seen that I liked was a plain and simple number, thanks to Martha:


So I set out to find my own wood numbers, but it proved more difficult than I anticipated!

There are a ton of options online and in hardware stores as house numbers. But the problem was that I needed numbers that were at least an inch thick, so they wouldn’t tip over when the table is bumped, and all I could find anywhere were ones that maxed out at 3/4″ in the 4″ height I needed. I did find some that were thicker in the 6-8″ range, but those were too tall and would have taken away from our centerpieces. And sadly, we can’t laser cut wood that thick, and I didn’t want to do the numbers in layers, because they wouldn’t look good from the sides. I did come across these on eBay, which eliminated the need for the thickness I was looking for, but I just didn’t care for the round bases.


So I turned to the next obvious source, Etsy! I put out my first alchemy request, and got several responses, but ultimately decided to go with Lizartestry. After several back and forth emails to clarify what I was looking for, along with her making trips to stores all across her town to find the right wood, she made these for me for $60:

(photos courtesy of Lizartistry, here)

Aren’t they lovely? Combined with my table chart that will go on the escort card table, I think guests will have no problem finding their seats. I only got numbers 2-13, since I didn’t think the head table needed one, but I wanted an extra in case we have to overflow to 13 tables. They’re about 4 inches high (so they won’t overpower my smaller table arrangements that are in the 5-6 inch vases), and an inch deep, so they won’t fall over when the tables are bumped. The font they’re based on is called “Rosewood Fill”, which was the closest I could find to the Martha version of the numbers.

The artist even offered to stain them for me, but I wanted to make sure they would match our wood grain paper, so I declined the kind offer. She also made the great suggestion that we should do something neat with the numbers that make up our wedding date. I’m thinking of maybe putting them in a shadow box with some of our wedding photos or something, so it’s great that I’ll have a use for some of these after the wedding!

After receiving the numbers, I stained them with a Fruitwood stain, that is a very close match to the wood grain paper. Here are some shots I took with half of them stained, so you can see the contrast.

And the final versions of our wedding date, all nice and stained.

(last three photos taken by me)

I’m so glad to have put this table number issue to bed! I have no idea why I was stressing for so long about something so small, but I was.

What are you doing for your table numbers? And are you using an actual number, or going the named-table route?


Mrs. Cola

Mountain View, CA
Wedding Date:
June 2010
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    Erica, Guest @ 1:57 pm

    These are great and exactly what I have been looking for. Would you be interested in selling these?

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