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I love the long table, and I’ve seen it at several weddings lately and really want to steal the idea. However, our wedding will have round tables, just like a lot of other weddings. There is nothing I can do about this, so I have to let it go, BUT then I stared thinking, ‘wait, the rehearsal has somewhat long tables!’

So my idea has not been crushed. :) Take a look at my inspiration from Sunday Suppers:



Both images from Sunday Suppers

No, it’s not the purple flowers, it’s the burlap tablecloth and the simple mason jars! Swoon! I don’t have any idea where you acquire burlap tablecloths or if they are expensive, but they are absolutely gorgeous to me.

I even like them as table runners with a simple tablecloth.



Do you think our rehearsal dinner restaurant would care if I rolled in with some burlap I wanted to put on their tables?? Maybe.


Mrs. Frozen Yogurt

Wedding Date:
April 2010
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  1. msgiraffe Bee
    msgiraffe 4248 posts, Honey bee @ 6:57 pm

    I like the purple flowers 🙂

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Lisa in NJ, Guest @ 10:32 am

    Any possibility the deep purple are statice? Those are a popular ‘filler’ flower in bouquets.

    The tablescapes are simply lovely. Burlap should be available cheap. I should think your venue wouldn’t mind if you came in with table runners — so long as they knew BEFORE they set the tables.

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