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Very Highly Recommended

These vendors went above and beyond anything we would have expected.

Fine Invitations (Paper goods)- Including invitation package, programs and our place cards. We were so happy with all of our paper goods and they were incredibly flexible. We may have procrastinated a little with our program and in the end they stayed back and Mr. Teaspoon collected them the evening before the wedding.


HF Hire Cars (Hire Car)– This was a surprise packet. We booked two silver late model mercedes cars a little late after another vendor fell through and they had some great little touches that we weren’t expecting such as wheel covers to protect my dress, the whole snack pack at the photo location, in addition both drivers were wonderful, so friendly and helpful. We even received a phone call from the owner of the company to say congratulations after we left the church—what a lovely, special touch.


Makeup by Mandy (Makeup)– Cannot speak highly enough of Mandy, she did an amazing job! I am actually having a makeup lesson with her next weekend to help me look somewhat as glamorous every day. She did the makeup for the girls and me, plus my Mum. Mandy is about to move back to Adelaide with her husband, so Radelaidians can get involved!


Peter Lind (Jewellery) – Peter did an amazing job with our wedding bands and also the gift that Mr. Teaspoon gave me of a pearl necklace. The practice wedding bands that he gave us to try months before the wedding really helped, we both made changes, Mr. Teaspoon made quite a number of changes! The end result is beautiful bands that we both love.




These vendors did the job very competently, exactly as described.

MMPhotos (Photographer)– We had their principal photographer Michael Martin and we are happy with our pictures, which you have seen plastered all over this blog!


Killara Golf Club (Reception) – An absolutely amazing job, we had such a great wedding there and it was so lovely that Mr. Teaspoon is a member because it brings back the memories of our wedding day every time we go up there. Maybe not every Saturday morning for him, but when I join him for dinner it does!


Fashions by Farina (Wedding Dress)- Great service, I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything during my initial fitting, my consultant Dale was amazing and helped so much with choosing my gown. All my fittings were as scheduled and I absolutely loved my wedding dress!


Staysi Lee (Bridesmaids’ Dresses) – These dresses were great and just as described, although over the course of the day, the capped sleeve arrangement was quite bothersome and they ended up switching it out when we arrived at the reception. The colour was perfect and the dresses are really well made and luckily when my bridesmaid got married a few months later, she had perfected the tying technique so the dresses were comfortable for her bridesmaids! Also, I had left it a little late, so Staysi was able to do a double rush order to make sure they shipped in time!

Peppers Formal Hire (Men’s Suits) – This store were great, we hired five suits from them and they were very helpful in matching the suits to my dress and choosing appropriate outfits for the groomsmen and the dads.


Hills Flower Market (Bouquets, Men’s button holes and church arrangements) – This was the only florist that actually showed us flowers when we went to see them. They were so reasonably priced and did an great job. They were actually recommended to us by other couples and we have gone on to recommend them, primarily because of their price! Our table centrepieces were included with the venue price.


All our vendors helped us have an amazing wedding day!


Mrs. Teaspoon

Sydney, Australia
Wedding Date:
September 2011
Ring a Ding Dings
Let There Be Cake... Cupcakes, That Is!

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  1. Member
    happyface 5777 posts, Bee Keeper @ 11:27 am

    Congratulations and what a great way to start a marriage!

  2. parasol Bee
    parasol 2955 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:51 am

    You had some amazing vendors, Mrs. T! And I still love that shot of the back of your dress. Simply stunning!

  3. teaspoon Bee
    teaspoon 768 posts, Busy bee @ 4:10 pm

    @Mrs. Parasol: Isnt it? I just really wanted another excuse to post that one!!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    April, Guest @ 5:51 am

    For the bridesmaid dresses – did you get them in the same fabric type as the dresses she has already on her etsy site? They look quite a bit shinier in the etsy pics and I just wondered if that was the photography or if you changed the fabric they were made with?

  5. teaspoon Bee
    teaspoon 768 posts, Busy bee @ 11:42 am

    @April: Yes, they are the standard fabric – Im not sure if she has more than one, but they were rather shiny in person, but you are right they don’t look that shiny in the photographs.

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