The Proposal

A lot of people ask if our engagement was a surprise to me. The answer is yes. An opportunity to go to Paris and stay in a friend’s apartment was offered to us in late September. Mr. Grasshopper and I jumped at the chance and took off for Paris less than two weeks later. Before we left a few friends asked me, “Do you think you’ll get engaged in France?” and I said “No. We live together. I know when he buys socks. I would know if he bought a diamond ring.” He wouldn’t be able to keep that a secret.

But he did! And he asked my parents! Well, he asked my Mom anyway. My Dad had fallen asleep while they were watching a Yankee game and Mr. Grasshopper had to wait for him wake up before he could ask.

We flew to Paris the next weekend, late on a Friday night and arrived bright and early on Saturday morning. We attempted to walk around for a bit, but exhaustion took over and we headed back to the apartment and napped for the afternoon.

When we woke up, I was talking non-stop about how hungry I was. We headed out to check out some of the stuff in our neighborhood and ended up walking along the Seine. When I couldn’t take it anymore I said “I *need* to eat.” and Mr. Grasshopper said “The Alexander III Bridge is maybe three more bridges away, let’s see it and then eat,” which was fine, because before we left his Grandmother was all about how beautiful this bridge was so I knew we wanted to see it at some point.

We finally arrived to the bridge and it was lovely, but it felt like we were there forever. Seriously I think we stood there for 15 minutes! Finally I said “Do you want to get dinner?” and he said “Do you want to get married?” Who says it like that?! Thinking this question was more like a survey and not a proposal, I answered “Maybe. Someday.” and then “Oh wait, you’re serious?” He said “Yes!” And then I said “Of course!” and he placed the ring on the bridge wall! Who does THAT?! He quickly decided my hand was probably a better place for the ring. In conclusion, a famished Miss Grasshopper got a life long commitment and dinner.

It was so nice that he asked as soon as we got to town – we had all week to celebrate. Now every time I see the bridge on tv or in the movies I yell “That’s our bridge!” Well, maybe I get more excited when we are at home. Not at the movies. That would be sort of rude to the other film enthusiasts if I started yelling during a movie.


The Alexander III Bridge


Mrs. Grasshopper

New York
Wedding Date:
September 2017
Antonia Rose Printing
National Stationery Show

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    Joeywashere, Guest @ 5:00 pm

    Pretty Cool Place.
    I like your style too.

    Cya again,

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    Samantha, Guest @ 1:04 pm

    I’m not quite understanding what all
    this is supposed to be about?

    Must be me or something…

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