Tissue Paper Garland Tutorial

I was completely out of my mind when I thought I’d be able to post regularly while on my trip to Nashville; hello, am I crazy? It was pretty much nonstop wedding planning. The good news is that we knocked out most of the checklist, so Mr. Crepe and I are feeling like superheroes.

One of the things I’ve been working on gradually are random decorating items. Whether it’s the doorway, the buffet tables, or the greeting table, there are plenty of places that need some love. I’ve been adoring the images that have been floating around the internet of tissue paper garlands because they remind me of kids’ birthday parties. And I’ve been injecting child-like charm as much as I can into the reception to keep it from becoming too stuffy. This tissue paper garland is super cheap and easy to make! I got all the tissue paper from Uline.com (actually, their sale section, so it was an even better deal, at about $13 a pack of 480 sheets, WHAT.).

For each streamer/bundle, you’ll need about four stacked sheets of 20×30″ sheets.

If my math is correct (and it probably isn’t) each pack will make approximately 7680 streamer bundles. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make over 7k of these guys, but a hundred might be possible! You can also make a variety of stuff with the leftovers (poms, favors, etc) so it’s totally worth it.

weddingbee ref: tissue paper garland

They already come folded in half, so I took each stack of 4 (folded makes 8 layers) and cut them into about 4 sections. I eyeballed all this, so no measurements were taken. I then cut strips into each section, about an 1″ or 1.5″ wide, leaving the tops uncut.

After you’ve cut the strips, unfold the entire thing and stagger the layers, like the image below. This is to make sure all the streamers separate to make the whole bundle nice and fluffy!

weddingbee ref: tissue paper garland

The grab the whole thing and twist. Start carefully by twisting the center using just your thumb and forefinger, then continue to twist tightly. Tissue paper is shockingly resilient! You’ll want about 3 inches of twisted paper.

Bend the whole thing to create a loop in the center of the bundle..

weddingbee ref: tissue paper garland

I tied them off with a bit of twine and then we’re done! Shake it out a bit to fluff.

weddingbee ref: tissue paper garland

I haven’t strung them up yet but I’m hoping they’ll make fun decorations for the banquet tables or possibly our DIY photobooth backdrop!

Are you incorporating garlands into your wedding decor?


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  1. mscottoncandy Bee
    mscottoncandy 436 posts, Helper bee @ 9:51 pm

    Crepe these are the shiz! I saw the garland from confettisystems in the new issue of MS wedding and was so tempted to buy it for our rehearsal dinner but at 130 bucks the price was way to steep now i can make my own! Thanks Crepe!

  2. Member
    Cee-Bee 62 posts, Worker bee @ 10:27 pm

    This is a really neat idea.

    I’m trying to come up with some creative arbor decorations, I wonder if these could work??

  3. hyena Bee
    hyena 2537 posts, Sugar bee @ 11:36 pm

    They’re so fluffy and romantic! Pale pink always makes me feel light and gushy. 🙂

  4. painauchocolat Bee
    painauchocolat 2298 posts, Buzzing bee @ 11:36 pm

    How easy! Love the texture and whimsy. Excited to see them in situ too!

  5. Pincushion Bee
    Pincushion 1074 posts, Bumble bee @ 2:58 am

    These look fantastic! And the color you chose is beautiful! Did you come up with the method on your own?!?

  6. Member
    viral 4 posts, Wannabee @ 3:44 am

    Oh wow that’s really great art…!!

    My Indian wedding blog http://www.marrymeweddings.in/wpblog/

  7. msgiraffe Bee
    msgiraffe 4248 posts, Honey bee @ 9:37 am

    Oh man! Cute and easy? Awesome!!

  8. crepe Bee
    crepe 331 posts, Helper bee @ 12:14 am

    @Miss Cotton Candy: right?? That was why I tried my hand at my own.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE theirs but it was too expensive for us.

    @Cee-Bee: Thanks! I’m not sure what you mean by arbor decorations. But I sort of see these as decorations for ANYTHING. They’re so basic!

    @Miss Hyena: Aw. Thanks! That was what I was going for 😀

    @Miss Pain au Chocolat: Me too, I hope I end up making enough! Been getting burned out quicker these days..

    @Mrs. Pin Cushion: Thanks so much! I did.. I figured it couldn’t be too tough if I would just think about the construction for a bit. :p

    @Miss Giraffe: Thanks!

  9. carousel Bee
    carousel 590 posts, Busy bee @ 7:34 am

    That is brilliant, congratulations!!

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