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I am having some real issues figuring out how I want to top our cake. I just cannot decide what look I want to go with—figurines, or pennants? Or, something else entirely? There are entirely too many options!

To give you a sense of how what the topper will be placed on, we decided to go with the multiple cake rounds look, rather than cupcakes. They will have floral decoration on them, because I need flowers on everything, but I do want some sort of cake topper to go on one of the cakes.


{Photo by Greg Blomberg Photography/ Cakes by Sugar Bee Sweets/ Floral Design by Bows and Arrows/ Via Style Me Pretty}

I just am having trouble figuring out what, exactly, that topper should be. A little help?

Pennants/ Bunting

First, could someone please explain the difference between pennants and bunting? I think they’re the same thing (or, at least, a bunting is made of little pennants??), but could be totally misusing those terms. Kthanks.


{Flag Banner Cake Topper by TheDaintyWoods, via Etsy}

I fell in love with the below little numbers after finding KiKiLaRue on Etsy. That was way back in the day when Etsy was still a semi-new site (it was to me), at least, and wedding planning was just a distant nightmare. Ahem, I mean dream.

They are just so different (well, they were when I first found them! Ha), fun, and definitely a step away from your typical cake topper figurines. Plus, I think they would look really great with the whole multiple-cakes-on-pretty-stands look. They also give me a bit more of a Victorian, turn-of-the-century vibe—they had lots of bunting and flags back then, right?


{Maddi Cake Bunting by KiKiLaRue, via Etsy}


{Pretty detail, again from KiKiLaRue, via Etsy}

I also think this would be a cool way to go, because I think I could (maybe? possibly?) do this myself. Or not. I don’t think I could ever get it to look as pretty as hers. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not the most crafty of bees.


{Brianna Cake Bunting by KiKiLaRue, via Etsy}

Pros: Victorian-esque (although I think this may just be in my little brain). Should be simple enough for me to DIM (do it myself). Keywords = “should be.”

Cons: Too child-like/ not fancy enough? And, doesn’t exactly scream “cake topper” to me (although that might be a good thing).

Also, just to note that KiKiLaRue is currently on maternity leave, so who knows when she’ll be back! In case you had your heart set on one of her buntings specifically.

Wooden Likenesses

This was actually my front-runner when I started the whole planning process shebang, because I found the fabulousness of GooseGrease somehow when I first joined Etsy. I love the style of these figures, and wanted to buy a bunch of cute ornaments in our likeness, but Mr. CA thought that would be weird since we were only dating at the time. So, I just filed the site away as a favorite, vowing to come back and visit once I was engaged and in need of a cake topper.


{Custom Cake Topper by GooseGrease, via Etsy}


{Custom Cake Topper by GooseGrease, via Etsy}

I also like this idea because after the wedding, I would screw in some hoops that would instantly create beautiful Christmas ornaments. Presto! Wedding keepsake and Christmas decor in one! Awesome.

Plus, I just love the style of the GooseGrease toppers. I think they are super cute. Mr. CA doesn’t like that the eyes are on the side of their heads, though.

There are also tons of non-Goosegrease versions out there. I particularly like these:



{Custom Wooden Star House Cake Toppers by urastarhouse, via Etsy}


{Custom Cake Topper by lollipopworkshop, via Etsy}

Pros: Totally adorable, and (in theory) unique, because they are very customizable—different hair color, lengths, dresses, suits, genders. The possibilities are endless! There are also semi-custom options, which are cheaper. Also, could turn into a Christmas tree ornament.

Cons: Pretty pricey, even with the semi-custom option. The completely custom option is super pricey. Some of the custom work can take around 4 months, which, ahem, I don’t have at this point. (Oops. Candy Apple fail.) Also, I feel like everyone is doing this type of topper these days. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you want something completely unique, this might not be the route you want.


There are lots of other cute little figures, animals, paper products, etc that would work well on top of a cake. Really, the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination! (Because obviously, I don’t have one.)


{From Cotton Bird Designs, via Etsy}


{Photo by Electic Images Photography, via Style Me Pretty}


{Custom Silhouette Cake Topper by silhouetteweddings, via Etsy}


{Paper Cake Topper by Concarta, via Etsy}


{Custom Cake Topper by Melabo, via Etsy}

(I am obsessed with these customized ceramic animal people. They are totally awesome. Is that weird? Perhaps. I may or may not have dreamed of being a mythological creature with the head of a lion and the body of an eagle when I was little. Maybe. I don’t think Mr. CA will go for this, though, if he was weirded out by side-of-the-head-eyes. Animal heads might push him over the edge.)

What cake topper did you go with, if anything? Any ideas on what the Candy Apples should do? Pretty please with, um, a cake topper on top?


Mrs. Candy Apple

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August 2011
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    Mrs Christopher 2807 posts, Sugar bee @ 6:40 pm

    I actually went with that exact cake topper from: silhouetteweddings in turquoise lol.

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