We Do(e): And There Were Birds

Up until this point I have prefaced the fact that the weather was a slight concern to us. The clouds were rolling in with a vengeance. Here is a photo a guest of ours took with their phone (amazing, right?) that shows exactly what we started to deal with towards the start of the ceremony.


Not exactly how I expected our Spring wedding to be, but we decided to just roll with what the weather wanted and see what happens. Earlier in the day, the decision had been made to attempt to have the ceremony and dinner outside, with the rest of the reception inside the Inn. When we started the ceremony we had an inkling that we might be cutting it close.

As the ceremony began, the clouds started to do a little talking. There were just a few slight raindrops, but nothing major. Just enough to make you think, “did I just feel a raindrop?” Then, God decided to give us a few small fireworks-aka a flash of lightning. Then there was a slight rumble of thunder that proceeded.

Here’s the thing—we could have looked at this one of two ways. We could have been upset and frustrated that the weather was not at all what we had planned, or we could be thankful that God decided to have the weather join in on the festivities. We decided to go with the latter and enjoy the elements. With that came a few pretty cool side effects.

First of all, because the lighting was a bit darker, the twinkle lights that hung throughout the ceremony area were maximized and really popped. Typically, if the sun is out and shining, the twinkle lights are bit more difficult to see.


The next unanticipated thing that occurred due to the weather was the presence of birds in the trees. I think, due to the weather, the birds were ultra active and sang their happy little tunes. The whole time during the ceremony you could hear the birds singing in the trees. There was absolutely no mistaking their presence. In fact, we had many people tell us afterwards they thought it was pretty neat that the DJ had played bird music during the ceremony. Because ya know, that’s the first thing I thought of when panning our wedding was to make sure there was bird music. No, the birds were certainly not planned, they were real, and they added quite a beautiful effect.

Sometimes you just have to be okay with what you didn’t have planned and know there is a reason for it. If you just accept and roll with it, then there is no mistaking that the man upstairs had intended it to be that way.

How did you deal with unforeseen changes in the weather?

*Photos by Martin’s Photography



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May 2012
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  1. msfox Bee
    msfox 1635 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:01 pm

    I can’t believe people thought the birds were fake.. I mean, I guess that would be a cool add on, but omg I would never think of that, lol!! I bet it was a pretty cool effect!

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