Silk Tulle vs. Bridal Illusion

Silk Tulle Veils and Bridal Illusion Veils

As of right now, I am still veil-less. My head is naked, and I need to find the perfect veil to grace it. I know that I want a fingertip length, single-layer veil with an unfinished edge. My problem is that I am having a hard time making a decision on what type of material.

I don’t know about you, but I had never heard of silk tulle veils until Princess Kate. (I’m sorry, I mean Catherine…oh let’s get real, she’ll always be Princess Kate.) The way her veil flowed was just dreamy.

kate middleton wedding dress silk tulle veils

Image via The Fan Club

My only issue is  that if I get a veil made of silk tulle…I am worried it will look like nylons on my head. I know, I know…ridiculous. But it is a serious concern of mine when it comes to silk tulle veils.

The other option is bridal illusion veils, which is what most veils are made out of.

bride in winery silk tulle veils

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However, with bridal illusion veils I am worried about the pouf factor. I want the veil to lay nicely and flow effortlessly.

I need to figure out my veil situation so that I can get it off my mind and move on to obsessing over something else.

Hive, how do you weigh in on the silk tulle veils vs. bridal illusion veils? If you have tried on a silk tulle veil, what did you think of it?


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    NatleeMDesigns, Guest @ 7:50 pm

    I commented earlier about the veil Princess Kate wore and let everyone know that her veil was made of silk English net and not silk tulle. The reason there is no pouf is because there are no gathers in her veil to give it pouf for one thing, Also, If gathers were added to his type of netting, it is just very bunchy, not poufy. It does not give any height at all. It more hangs like a gathered curtain. If you are using silk tulle, it is very pricey and it will not be there in years to come if not taken care of. It is a natural fiber and very delicate. Chances are it will have holes in it when it is taken out of the box for another family member to wear later down the road. There are many grades of nylon illusion just like any other fabric. There are types/grades of nylon illusion that look just as beautiful as silk tulle and are a fraction of the cost. If you don’t want all the gathers or a lot of pouf, look for, or have your veil cut to a smaller width and then you can control the pouf. If you choose no gathers, you have no pouf but you will have a very beautiful delicate veil that will hang even softer than the veil of the Princess and be more sheer.

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