Victorian Charm Cake

In my constant search for all things wedding, I have stumbled upon the tradition of the charm cake. I had never heard of it before, but from what I gather, it dates back to the Victorian era. It is sometimes referred to as ribbon pulling, and often takes place at the bridesmaids’ luncheon (though some websites suggested it be done at the reception right after the cake cutting).

Basically a number of charms (equal to the number of bridesmaids) are placed in a cake with ribbons attached to them. The ribbon is visible and each bridesmaid is supposed to take a ribbon and pull out the charm. Each charm has special meaning–i.e. an airplane means travel/adventure, a four-leaf clover means good luck, a wedding ring means you’ll be the next to be engaged.

Check out Wedding Cake Charms and Jewelry by Rhonda for more information of the tradition (as well as sample charms!)…

Today the charm cake tradition is most commonly seen in the South, but I’m thinking of bringing it to the West! Do you think this would be a nice touch to the bridesmaid lunch (the day before the wedding)? Are there any traditions you’ve discovered that you want to bring to your wedding?


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    Brandi, Guest @ 7:11 pm

    I am doing the wedding cake charm pull, but going to do it at the actual wedding.

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    LE, Guest @ 10:34 am

    In New Orleans it is almost always done at the wedding right before the cake is cut. The bride’s best single girlfriends participate in the cake pull.

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    Jessika, Guest @ 4:56 pm

    One tradition I ran into while watching a cake show was that of a ‘pantry party’. A kind of bridal shower, it’s a party where all of the ladies of the family (close family friends, aunts, cousins, sisters, from both the bride and groom’s familes) gathered together before the wedding and bring food, rather than the appliances and decor that are for the wedding and the risque lingerie that are for teh bachelorette party. the food is gathered and put into the newlyweds’ home (particularly in the pantry – food that will last through the honeymoon) so that when they come back from their honeymoon, they’re not starving, but already have fully stocked cabinets. not only does it help save the new couple on grocery bills, i think it’s a loving way to start your life together on the right foot!

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