Vietnamese Reception

We had a second Vietnamese reception the day after our “American” style wedding at a Vietnamese restaurant for approximately 300-350 guests. We had to have a second reception due to the capacity constraints of our first venue, and other more “complex” issues (i.e. older guests not being happy with non-Asian cuisine and not being able to invite the cousin of a cousin of a friend of a cousin-twice-removed that I’ve never met or heard of… you get the idea).


Zander’s House before all of the guests arrived – we had formal portraits taken to be displayed at the Asian reception as pictured here. We re-used our hydrangea pomanders and butterfly garlands from the ceremony the day before. We had minimal decor this day, as we had to use the lazy susans that the restaurant provided – we had small low centerpieces which are weirdly not pictured in ANY photos we have. The guests removed them as they started arriving and then took them all home at the end of the night – now that I think about it, I don’t think I even saw ONE arrangement the whole night other than when they were all lined up at the bar.



Hanging out waiting to receive guests

An example of one of the guest photos – these were later printed out and put into personalized thank-you cards that matched our invitation set from Vietnam, and mailed out to each of the guests that came.

Staying hydrated – taking pictures is hard work!

Our sign-in / guest table manned by my cousin and a family friend’s daughter

Joking around before the reception begins…


About to be announced!

The family by the stage

Overall tone of the reception – lots of eating and lots of toasting. About 8-10 courses of food and several cases of alcohol.

Taking part in the aforementioned activities

The live band my mother hired. They weren’t as bad as some others I’ve seen – at least the lead singer of this band was fully-clothed and no Christmas songs were sung in July. Oh yes – that really does happen.

Time to “Greet the tables” as is tradition – the bride and groom along with the parents must go to each individual table of guests to receive their guests, blessings, words of good advice, and monetary gifts (we had to go to around 32 tables or so! by the time we got to many tables, guests were already starting to leave and/or were ‘enjoying’ themselves a lot if you know what I mean).



Most tables made us (mostly the hubs and/or my daddy) drink/toast with them (mind you, they are toasting with cognac NOT champagne). You can watch the hubs’s face slowly but surely change color from picture to picture as the night went on….




Some tables made us play games for our gifts – this game consisted of the hubs getting blindfolded and having to identify my hand out of a group of hands (one person even put a roasted quail leg in his hand! lol)



He was quite stumped and down to two pairs (mine and the lady in blue) – turns out he was cheating by feeling for jewelry!


I asked the best man to go discreetly pour the hubs a glass with coke and sprint mixed together so it looked like “fake cognac” to fool the guests, but little did I know the best man was in on the plan to get the hubs trashed – he poured the glass full of cognac with a splash of coke! >:O)

Receiving more advice and well wishes for lots of kids (boys first) and a thousand years of happiness.

Time for the last quick change of the night for cake cutting and dancing

(the cake that a rainbow threw-up on)

The hubs is barely able to stand up on his own at this point…


Serving cake to our parents


First dance – more like sway since the hubs’s coordination wasn’t exactly normal smiley4011

Dancing with my new little cousin, Chase – he was such a dancing machine!


The dance floor at the end of the night!


Mrs. Plum

Wedding Date:
June 2007
The Timeline
One, Two, Three - One Hundred and Six?!
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    creme_de_violet, Guest @ 9:13 pm

    I did a double take on the wedding cake 🙂

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Joy, Guest @ 12:59 pm

    I love the hydrangea pomanders. Where did you get them from? If you mentioned them in previous post. I must have missed them. Your 2nd reception looked like lots of yummy food and loads of fun. Congrats!!!

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Plum, Guest @ 1:36 pm

    Joy – I made them myself! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    Ashley, Guest @ 7:41 pm

    Who did your parents hire as your band?

    Getting married in November…tough to find good bands without recommendations.

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    Nellie, Guest @ 1:28 pm

    I am currently planning my wedding and getting into fights with my Vietnamese mom about the Vietnamese reception. I was wondering if your mom was totally cool with the double wedding? Did all your American-wedding guests go to the second reception? and did everyone wear the same outfits again? thanks so much. It’s nice to see other people here who might have gone through the same planning situations.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    Mrs. Plum, Guest @ 5:11 pm

    Hi Nellie,

    It’s definitely common – just about everyone that i’ve talked to had some kind of complication or another during teh whole wedding planning process with a Viet mom 🙂 at first she was complaining a lot about wasting money on a second American reception, but in the end, everything turned out great – just stand your ground! if something is important to you, go for it!

  7. Guest Icon Guest
    Cheating, Guest @ 12:27 pm

    Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

  8. Guest Icon Guest
    Podium Notes, Guest @ 6:54 pm

    Great ideas for a wedding toast, thanks for sharing.

  9. Guest Icon Guest
    AnuiCupcake, Guest @ 11:03 pm

    I know this is from a couple years ago, but who did you hire as the wedding band? I second Ashley’s comments that it’s difficult to find a Vietnamese band without recommendations.

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