1. It’s Going to Be a Whale of a Wedding! by Miss Blue Whale
  2. On Bruising… by Miss Toadstool
  3. The Beanstalks Are Married! by Mrs. Beanstalk
  4. The Sword in My Side by Miss Sword
  5. What’s Step One? by Miss Blue Whale
  6. I’ll Wear White, Part 2 by Miss Manatee, Uf Wiederluege”¦Goodbye by Mrs. Funnel Cake, Honeymooning Down Under by Miss Wallaby, Italia, Stiamo Arrivando! by Miss Gray Wolf
  7. I’m So Honored by Miss Sword
  8. The One Where Miss Armadillo Needs Your Advice!!! by Miss Armadillo
  9. How Wonderful Life Is: Just You and I by Mrs. Wizard
  10. Married Melodies: Our Video by Mrs. Warbler, On Picking a Date by Miss Manatee


Big Decisions: The Venue (Part 2)
Burnin' Love: P-A-R-T-Y!

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