Far Beyond Forever: Mr. and Mrs.!

After we had listened to our readings and our officiant’s charge to us as a couple, it was time to say our vows!

Mr. Guinea Pig and I both wrote our own vows—we had shared iterations of them before the wedding to make sure they were similar in length and style, but the final vows were a surprise for the day of. We both wrote them on pieces of paper to read at the ceremony despite their short length, knowing that the nerves of the day would prevent (me at least) a recitation from memory.

Mr. GP’s vows were sweet, sentimental, and funny—just like him! 😀


He made me laugh (left photo), and then he made me cry (happy tears, of course). On the right you can see me desperately trying not to burst into tears. As Mrs. French Fries said, this is my “I’m trying not to cry” face.

Then it was my turn to say my vows to Mr. GP!


I got through as much as “Mr. GP, from this day on and every day of my life, I choose you…”, and the dam burst:


Tears, tears, everywhere! I tried to laugh through them, but I couldn’t talk anymore, so we had to take a nice 20 second pause before I could continue—I kept turning my head away from the guests and trying to gather myself.


Mr. GP grabbed my hand to give me support which of course made me cry all the more. 🙂 Luckily the wind dried those suckers right up!


Then it was time to put a ring on it! Best Man J of course pretended he didn’t know what Rev. Laura was talking about when she asked him for the rings, which made me laugh and gave me enough time to compose myself before we repeated the words that would impart the symbolism of our rings.

“By the love with which these rings are to be given and received, they shall be blessed.”


I, Miss GP, give to you Mr. GP, this ring, as a sign of my vow to love, honor and cherish you.


After this we had a Declaration of Support from the guests, where Rev. Laura asked them to respond, “We Will!” to the question, “Will each of you do everything you can to love, uphold and care for these two persons in their marriage?” It was wonderful and amazing to hear the loud chorus of the response from our friends and family, and I’m so glad we had them participate in the ceremony!

This is when I realized that we had accidentally skipped over having my sister sing the piece we had chosen! I whispered this to Rev. Laura out the side of my mouth before she went on to the Closing Blessing, and she gracefully adjusted into announcing Sister GP’s piece.


Sister GP sang I Should Have Known Better, by the Beatles – and accompanied herself on the ukulele (talented, eh?). She did an absolutely stellar job, and I loved it so much that I started singing along (quietly)! Here’s Mr. GP laughing at me, for singing along.


It meant so much to me to have Sister GP participate in the ceremony this way—although I know she was nervous and the emotion of the ceremony probably made it hard for her to sing, I feel so much love anytime I look through these photos, watch her performance in video, or hear the song in general!

With that, it was time to seal the deal with a kiss,


(Love the way my dress was whooshing out in the wind!)

and a hug!


With one more happy kiss (not sure why we kissed a second time),


(*photo from friend Tim)

we were announced as Mr. and Mrs. and walked back up that aisle as newlyweds!


(hooray for great shadows!)

As we walked up the aisle, I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe that was it! We’re married! It actually happened!” It felt so short, but was actually about 30 minutes (average, I’d guess?). Despite the couple of mishaps (veil, and having my sister go out of order), the ceremony was everything I had hoped and more. As Mrs. Cheeseburger said in her ceremony post, this was the part that mattered the most, and boy was it amazing. Smiling-through-tears, happily-kissing, hard-to-put-into-words, amazing.

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    JoyfulBee 167 posts, Blushing bee @ 3:23 pm

    Your ceremony was breathtaking! 🙂 I agree with you on the dress whooshing! It’s so gorgeous.

    I’m such a sap, I’m tearing up!

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