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I saw this picture on Sonya Naumann’s website Thousand Dollar Dress (that Miss Dahlia also featured earlier this week) and loved it. From a cultural standpoint, I really like what she is doing with these photos of women and what they think they should do in her thousand dollar dress. I love this girl, who you can tell from following photos is a librarian, sitting alone in front of the card catalog looking tired and a little surly.

But I must confess I’m a little obsessed by the cardigan over the wedding dress. I’ve been thinking that it can be awfully cold in Portland in January, and a nice warm cardigan might be nice. Also it could be so cool in a retro funky way to wear over my glam 30s style dress.

Perhaps some cardigan like this, what do you think?  Are you planning on wearing something over your dress to keep warm?


Mrs. Robin

Wedding Date:
January 2008
Take Your Photographer To The Zoo Day
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    Jilian, Guest @ 2:13 pm

    Speaking of keeping warm in the dress. The only weekend available for my bridal portraits – was bitter cold. Like windy and snow flurries cold!! I had my heart set on taking some outdoor photos around town!

    I talked my mom and photographer into it!! I wore long johns underneath the dress! I also wore a fleece jacket, we’d get all set up for the shots, then I’d throw off the fleece to a friend and smile :), as soon as the photographer finished that set she’d wrap me back up! Half the time my veil came flying off! It was crazy and fun – AND TOTALLY WORTH IT! The shots are some of my favs!

    As for the day of the wedding – we had heaters set up on the deck which helped, but I didn’t worry about having a cover-up.

  2. Member
    HappiestOne 132 posts, Blushing bee @ 2:46 pm

    Totally! I’m into cardigans every day and I think wearing one over my dress would be the best! From day one of thinking about looking at wedding dresses, I have been also looking for the perfect cardigan. J crew has so many options right now. I’m hoping to get the dress before the sweater though… so I’ve got to wait.

    We’re from Minnesota and we’re getting married next late September. Our event will be vintage-inspires and semi-casual, so the look will definitely fit in. I’m hoping for a sunny day, but in MN, that could be in the 40’s or in the 80’s.

    Go for it!

  3. Member
    amysue 1492 posts, Bumble bee @ 3:26 pm

    texas in late may – no cardigans here. : ) but that one is adorable!

  4. Guest Icon Guest
    lawala, Guest @ 11:16 pm

    depending on the weather (we’re late december) i’ll either be wearing a red cardigan or long peacoat. i think it’s just adorable!!

  5. Guest Icon Guest
    katieO, Guest @ 1:19 pm

    I really wanted a cardigan too. But I wanted it custom made and a friend offered to knit me one. WE spent months trying to find somethign that would go okay with the dress, finally found what looked good about 3 weeks before the wedding…ordered the yarn…and then it didn’t turn out! Sadly! I ended up getting a kind of cute ivory lace knitted shrug thing. If I could redo anything, it would be buying a cute cardigan I found at Anthro and wearing that at my reception.

  6. Guest Icon Guest
    G, Guest @ 4:21 pm

    Admittedly, what I would wear over my wedding dress was a constant thought. I bought a pink cashmere cardigan on eBay for the purpose of wearing it over my dress. I ended up spotting a white 3/4-sleeved jacket at target and wore that instead. But I love cardis + wedding dresses–go for it!

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