Wearing Your Wedding Dress… After The Wedding

When you pick your wedding dress you are thinking of how beautiful you will look on your wedding day. You think about what your fiance will think when he sees you. You might think about your daughter wearing it for her wedding. But how many of you think about wearing your wedding dress again?

On New Year’s Eve my family hosted a formal dinner party and I got to wear a part of my wedding dress again! My Romonda Keveza gown is actually a top and bottom and it was such a great experience to wear it again.

Photo: Daria Bishop Photography

At one point during the evening Mr. Onion and I found ourselves alone and I smiled and said, “Does it bring you back to our wedding day to see me in the skirt?” He said, “Of course it does,” with a big grin and kissed me. It was really romantic.

Happy New Year from Mr. & Mrs. Onion!

Here we are together in front of my parents’ Christmas tree. And yes, Mr. Onion is wearing his wedding suit! We will both get a lot of wear out of our wedding attire in the years to come. Now I just have to find a skirt to wear with the top of my dress. Or perhaps jeans and my wedding shoes? Do you or your fiance or husband plan to wear any of your wedding day attire after your wedding?


Mrs. Onion

NYC/Burlington, VT
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September 2007
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    the eyelasher, Guest @ 12:23 am

    Hello Ladies,
    I absolutely ADORE that you all wore your dresses again. If it’s the most important dress in your life, why not let it be apart of your life? It just seems kind of depressing to let your beautiful dress mold in the back of the closet when you could dye it, alter it, chop it up and make something new out of it, etc. Keep it alive by making it useful!
    I hand painted peacock feathers all over the hem of my wedding dress for a reception party we had weeks after our wedding. I plan on dip dying the hem next and then maybe just wear it out on a dates with my husband. I have a feeling all those beautiful memories in the reinvented dress should make for a pretty romantic date.
    And anyway, if Ginger Rogers could wear floor length gowns out every evening, why shouldn’t the rest of us?
    Best wishes,

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    nikki, Guest @ 5:16 pm

    i am so lucky to be a performer…i will be cutting the skirt part and making a short frilly dress to sing in!! 🙂 xo

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    Short Dress Brides » Weddingbee » The Wedding Blog, Guest @ 11:36 am

    […] She’s worn the top and petticoat again already and hopes to wear all the separate pieces often (a girl after my own heart)! Photos are by Therese […]

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