Wait, What?!

I woke up this morning, and was leisurely going through my morning routine. Check Weddingbee”¦ check my email”¦ read some blogs”¦ hmm, I wonder how many days left until the wedding”¦ check our countdown on the Knot”¦ oh look! Less than 200 days. Cool.

WAIT, WHAT?! Less than 200 days?! How did that happen? When Mr. C and I first got engaged, we had over 500 days until the wedding, and now we’re in the 100s?!



You see, that’s the problem with long engagements. You get engaged and start telling people your wedding is 16 months away, and they say “Oh! You have plenty of time!” and then they don’t take your wedding seriously. People laugh at you when you start looking at venues and photographers 15 months out, and when you attend a bridal show at 13 months, most of the vendors seem to think you’re crazy.

When you start planning DIY projects, everyone treats you like you’re just a cute little kid who is a bit over-excited about something. You ask your fiance for his opinion on something, and he says “Eh, we have a ton of time to decide on that!”

Suddenly, all of these people start to convince you that maybe you don’t have to plan so early. You have plenty of time, right? You don’t NEED to start folding flowers with a year to go. You have time. So you relax. And you slow down, and you start telling yourself “I have lots of time, I can do that later!”

Then, one morning you wake up, and realize “HOLY CRAP, I have less than 200 days!” And then the panic attack hits you.

Okay, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but I really have let myself relax, maybe a little too much. We have just a little over 6 months until our wedding, and I still haven’t talked to a single florist, nor have I really researched them at all. I have no idea what I want to do for our centerpieces, and I have about 17 different DIY projects that I have started and left incomplete.

I need to get my butt in gear! So, I’m setting a goal for myself. By the time we reach the 5 month mark,

  1. All of our Kusudama flowers will be folded.
  2. I will have decided on centerpieces, and will be collecting items for them.
  3. I will have a florist booked!
  4. I will have begun purchasing accessories (jewelry, veil, etc.) for myself.
  5. I will complete at least one other DIY project.

Whew. It doesn’t look so bad in that little bitty list, but those are all things that I’m having a seriously hard time getting motivated to do, so I’m going to make myself take care of them! I’ll be sure to check back in once we hit 5 months and let you know if I made my goal!

What would go on your list to complete in the next month? Did you let a long engagement get you too relaxed about getting things done? Let’s tackle this together ”“ we can do it!


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    Lo 205 posts, Helper bee @ 12:17 pm

    We got engaged 3 months ago and are just now at the 1 year mark and people keep telling me to slow down and i have plenty of time including my mom and FI. However I was able to book the last summer date at our venue 3 months ago and our chosen photographer has already had requests for our date so I feel a lot better getting the big things booked early. The whole point of a long engagement was to have time to plan and enjoy the process.

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