MORE Dress Indecision?!

Hi, I’m Miss Dragon and I’m horrible at making decisions.

I had to try on my veil with my dress in order to know if I liked them together. So, out came the dress, which I’ve been avoiding since the last time I tried it on and felt terrible. Two things to note: I bought a handheld steamer and de-wrinkled the dress prior to trying it on, and my weight-loss efforts have netted me zero weight loss and a bit of weight gain, namely because I really haven’t tried, at all.

Bizarrely, the combination of those two things made me really like my dress this time around!



The cats are very excited that the door to the forbidden room is open.

It just”¦fit. Perfectly. The waist didn’t look horrible, the back didn’t gap anymore, there were no issues with the bust. I actually felt excited looking in the mirror with my dress and veil on!

But, I thought I should try it on with the lace top too, because I liked it so much last time.


But this time, with the lace top and the veil, I felt kinda dumpy and big. It felt like too much draping, too much flowing, not enough shape.

So now I’m back to square one. I’m leaning toward the dress, just the dress—no lace top, no sash, just jewelry and my veil to make things shine. Maybe a fuzzy cardigan for if it gets chilly later on in the day. Simple.

But everyone loved the lace top the first time around (even me!), so I’m willing to hear opinions!

And while I was playing dress-up, I figured I should show you guys the rehearsal dress you all loved, this time on me and not the hanger:


Super short!! I ordered some yellow tights, but if it’s too hot for that I’m going to have to find a slip.

Is anyone else indecisive like me? How do you know if you’ve made the right choice?


Mrs. Dragon

Sioux Lookout/Brockville, ON
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September 2012
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  1. beanstalk Bee
    Mrs. Beanstalk 770 posts, Busy bee @ 8:18 pm

    I was one of the bees that LOVED the lace top with your dress, but I think with the veil, I’d go without. The dress is beautiful and classic and doesn’t need anything else. A pretty necklace and perhaps a fun cardigan for the evening, but I really feel it’s perfect as is =)

  2. Member
    miss narwhal 1301 posts, Bumble bee @ 7:41 am

    I think some statement jewelry that really represents you would be the best choice.

  3. Member
    alicia1745 1118 posts, Bumble bee @ 11:37 am

    Like just about everyone else… no lace top!
    I love your rehearsal dress and I say no yellow tights. It looks amazing on you as is. Maybe pair it with yellow flats?

  4. Member
    priyathescientist 1514 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:44 pm

    I LOVE your rehearsal dress. It’s ADORABLE.

    Also, I think the second dress doesn’t need the veil if you decided to go with it.

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