How Do You Want to Look on Your Wedding Day?

In my wedding-warped world, a nightmare consists of SYTTD streaming 24/7 and the consultants in my mind asking “How do you want to look on your wedding day?” over and over and over…

Who would have thought a simple question could be so terrifying!

My bridal attire will be forever immortalized in wedding pictures, video, and memories, and I will be standing up in front of 100 people all looking straight at me, so I better look good. The definition of looking good can vary from bride to bride; some brides say they want to look sexy, some want to look hot, some want to be a princess for a day. For my wedding I want to go in a different direction: not particularly sexy (I’m leaving sexy for the LBD hanging unworn in the closet) or hot (that’s what I feel like in sweaty exercise clothing) and definitely not like a princess.

I want to walk down the aisle and have heads turn…and for people to gasp as they see me. I want them to feel like the heavens have opened up and dropped me on the chapel floor. I want to float down the aisle in a happy light bliss and have my dress reflect that exact feeling. That feeling that all is right in the world and you could just float off into the sunset, hand in hand with the love of your life.

With that incredibly cheesy picture in mind, I have pored over magazines, websites, and blogs in search of the perfect light, airy dress that moves beautifully and will give me the ethereal, angelic look I’m going for.

The top contenders for fulfilling my bridal-gown dream are:


Image via San Patrick


Image via Pronovias


Image via Alfred Angelo

I tried on Calais and Farnes on my very first bridal-gown shopping trip while in “engagement limbo” and LOVED how I felt in the dresses. Apart from the fact that they fit beautifully, the fabric was light, soft, and weightless, almost like feeling naked but in a non-creepy way. They completely fit in with my bridal vision, but I’m not sold on the feather thingies…so neither of them turned out to be my dress. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this shopping trip (where I also tried on Isadora and Isadora Marie…both of which were very heavy) because Lil Sis slacked on her MOH camera duties.

Did you ever try on a dress that you LOVED but it just wasn’t the one?


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    ddavila2001 611 posts, Busy bee @ 11:30 am

    Yes, the Calais was a front runner for me for a VERY long time. In the end I went in the complete opposite direction, glam, trumpet style, a bit retro. I do think it is a gorgeous dress and the looks can be changed with a different floral sash or jeweled belt.

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    happyface 5777 posts, Bee Keeper @ 2:00 pm

    I am not trying on any wedding dresses, I am sewing my own! I am too picky, I like the sleeves of this one, I like the neckline of that one, I like…
    I have to sew my own “version”!
    And the funny and scary thing is …. I have never sewed before! (I don’t have the money for a seamstress… so I am doing it all myself!) Don’t you worry, I will be posting a picture once it’s done!

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