Love Potion #2: Gettin’ Our Hairs Did

The morning of our wedding, I woke up pretty dang early (for a Saturday), slipped into some jeans and a hoodie, put my contacts in, and sat down at the computer to write this post (which unfortunately didn’t go live on the ‘Bee until a couple of days later). I shuffled into the kitchen where my mom handed me a mug of coffee, gave me a hug, and asked how I was feeling. I’m honestly not sure how I answered that question, but I know the stress of a couple of days before was gone and I was oh so ready to become Mrs. Potion.

My sisters and the other bridesmaids started to wake up and trickle into the kitchen to dig in to some of the amazing breakfast goodies my parents had laid out.


Mr. Potion’s best woman and my mom enjoying some breakfast


My dad grabbed some, too.

The hairdresser showed up a little while later to start beautifying us, but unfortunately her assistant was unable to join her like we’d expected, so some girls decided they’d rather do their own hair to ensure that everyone was ready to go on time. Can I just say that we all look pretty fantastic without makeup in the morning? 😉


BM BabySis waiting her turn


The epic braid starts…



Next up was Best Woman L.


Then BM BabySis gets a Katniss braid…


Then one of our Tiny Attendants, M E, begins her princess transformation.

After we finished our hair and makeup, the girls got into their dresses, we loaded the cars with everything we needed (or so we thought…), and we zipped around the corner to the church to meet the photographer and finish getting ready.

Did you go to a salon to have your hair done the morning of your wedding, or did the salon come to you?

*all photos personal*


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Mrs. Potion

Herndon, VA
Wedding Date:
November 2012
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  1. Member
    daniellekira 573 posts, Busy bee @ 11:38 am

    We went to the salon as my hair stylist was 9 months pregnant and couldn’t come to us. So we made the trip and had so much fun there. I love braids in wedding hair. So beautiful.

  2. Member
    jacofblues 1468 posts, Bumble bee @ 1:21 pm

    The Salon came to me thankfully! I loved being pampered too it was a lot of fun! You guys look so happy and relaxed its so sweet!

  3. pyramid Bee
    Mrs. Pyramid 104 posts, Blushing bee @ 1:41 pm

    We’re planning on having the stylists come to us! Especially because you can have a nice spread of food while getting ready!

  4. panda Bee
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 6:28 pm

    okay seriously, that braid… why didn’t I think of that?

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