Far Beyond Forever: Wedding Party Portraits

Now it was time to steal the wedding party from cocktail hour and snap some photos with our friends!


(Pretty sure I lucked out on the gorgeous friends front)

After this photo, we decided we’d had enough of the indoor photos and went outside to brave the crazy wind. I’m glad we did, because even though everyone’s hair, dresses, suit flaps, ties, etc. were whipping around in the wind, we still got great photos from it. First, we took advantage of the rocking chairs on the porch to sit down for a minute and enjoy the setting sun.


Also, to show you what a goofball I am, here’s a photo snapped right after the moment I almost fell backwards out of my rocking chair. Too much energy! Notice how my sister is looking at me like, “Okay crazy lady, calm down,” and BM L is trying not to laugh at me too much. Gotta love awkward faces when you’re all gussied up.


The guys saw how much fun we were having and decided to head on over for one of my favorite group photos:


Secret fact: We’re kissing here because Mr. GP’s light blue eyes couldn’t handle the full on sun, so he couldn’t look up at the photographer! Also, I love that my shoes are peeking out.

After having enough of the sun in our eyes, we switched around to have the water in the background. First, we acted normally.


Then someone said, “Kiss!” Groomsmen J and B reached for each other behind us while everyone else cracked up at them. I also love that the lighting makes the bridge look like it’s disappearing into the light. Magical bridge!


Then the groomsmen stepped off the brick wall (where I believe they were standing so they could be taller than the girls??) to take some photos with Mr. GP,


and a photo in the rocking chairs that might be my favorite photo of the guys thanks to the semi-circle and the great shadows.


While the guys were acting all serious with their lineups and strong shadows, the girls were being silly and trying to hide from the rapidly cooling wind in a corner of the porch.


I could not stop laughing at everything and nothing at once. That’s normal, right? Right?! I think I was so happy that I had no idea what was going on. I do not remember taking these photos at all. But that’s what photos are for: remembering!

Finally, an ode to the wind. We could have done without you, but then we wouldn’t have tried to use my dress as a sail.


*** All photos in this post copyright Amy Deputy Photography ***

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