His Ball and Chain

And I don’t mean this kind:


What’s that on your foot, honey?


We visited the basement of Capital Iron in Victoria over Christmas, and I couldn’t resist. BTW, if any Victoria brides don’t know about the basement, GET YE THERE NOW! It’s an amazing assortment of really random vintage things (mostly nautical, but not all), including this ball and chain. Sadly, the ball and chain wasn’t for sale.;)

siz 8 kevin john

Tungsten (he’s a lighting guy, so it’s very appropriate!) and rose gold, by Kevin John.

But anyway, this post is about Cinnamon Buns’ wedding ring! It came in at last! It has come in before though”¦ we got his finger sized when we started my custom ring process. When we went back to pick up my ring, we ordered his, and because we were talking to a different member of staff that day, the new guy wanted to check that the ring size we had written down was right. The size he came up with after putting Cinnamon Buns’ fingers in their measurers was 7.5. The first employee we’d talked to had said he was an 8. Now what? We decided to order the 7.5 ring, because you don’t want your ring to be loose, right? Well, that was too tight. So it got sent back, and the size 8 got shipped in.

We both went to the store to pick up his ring, and when he tried it on it was”¦too loose. We thought it might be because his fingers were cold, so we walked around the mall, held on to a hot tea mug, and hoped it was the right size. The lady in the store said not to put it away when we got home, but to wear it for a couple days to make sure it was the right size. He gets to wear it? Before the wedding?! I sneakily tried mine on when Cinnamon Buns wasn’t home when it was in our house! I didn’t wear it! But then again, mine fit me perfectly.

Cinnamon Buns wore the size 8 for a few days, and after a day and a half we almost thought it was the right size, then he went to wash his hands in the bar and it popped right off. He saved it, luckily, but that shook our confidence. The next morning, shampooing his hair, it almost popped off again. It was the right size in the morning, after wearing it all night, but during the day it did get pretty loose. And as he works with his hands, showers, and washes his hands regularly, too loose is only a recipe for a lost ring.

siz 8 kevin john 2

We’re not sure what the next step will be—this ring company doesn’t do quarter sizes. I’m wondering if we should take the 7.5 home for a 2 day test drive, but he said that when he put that one on in the store it didn’t come off until they soaped up his hands and pulled really hard, which does sound too tight. We’re heading to the jeweler again soon to get this sorted. We both really like the design, so we’re hoping something can be worked out and we don’t just have to find a totally new ring.

How easy was fitting your/your FIs ring?


Mrs. Cinnamon Bun

Calgary, Alberta
Wedding Date:
June 2011
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    jdiamc 0 posts, Wannabee @ 9:13 pm

    My fiancé loves this ring and was wondering where you ordered it from? We can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks

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