“Reduce the Flesh”

In case I don’t lose an inch before the wedding day…

I got me some Spanx!


The “Higher Power” power panties, to be exact. They totally give me flashbacks of the ’80s (think spandex biker shorts).


They are a lil‘ hard to get on, but once they’re on… wow, do they do wonders. Did I lose 5 pounds? No. But they totally sucked everything in and smoothed me out. No back rolls for me! This particular day I had a baby shower to attend and I wore them ALL day, just to see how they held up. I was taking lots of photos, running all over the room and kneeling a lot. I think I had to tug them up maybe once, but nothing major; they weren’t rolling down or anything. Considering I was doing a lot of kneeling then standing, kneeling then standing, I think they did great.

You guys better love me for posting this photo. LOL. Just to prove that it really does suck fat and skin in, I had Mr. Sushi take a photo of my Spanx semi-rolled down (and pushing all my fat out)…

Wishin‘ I could wear them under a swimsuit!

Are you sportin‘ the pretty undies on your wedding day or going granny panties and lookin‘ thin?!


Mrs. Sushi

Wedding Date:
March 2009
Our Photographer...
Gown Shopping Breeze
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    ChrissyM, Guest @ 4:45 pm

    @Andrea: I get that too with control-top pantyhose… one of the reasons I’ve never tried Spanx. They do sound like they’re worth checking out, though, despite this rather frightening-sounding pee hole everyone’s talking about!

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