I’m As Free As My Hair

Let’s face it: hair is pretty big deal. There was a musical written about it. You may or may not recall it:


Image via Official site of HAIR the Musical

Lady Gaga has even written a power ballad about it (and you know if Gaga wrote about it, it’s important):

Video via YouTube

Aside from my weight, my hair has been giving me the most problems cosmetically. For the past three years, the longest my hair has been is mid-neck length, and that is just because I put off haircuts. I like my hair chin length. It’s where I have kept it most of my adult life.


My usual length (personal photo)

However, for the wedding I have decided to grow it out. Why is this? I mean, sure, there are plenty of cute short bridal hairstyles to choose from. But that is never how I envisioned my hair for my wedding day. I always imagined romantic, soft buns similar to this:


Image from Hair Styles Design / Stylist Natasha Sunshine from Byu-ti Hair Therapy / Photo by Blaise Fiedler

You can’t do that with chin-length hair. Well, I guess you could if you put in a ton of extensions, but I have neither the funds nor the patience for that. So the only decision was to grow my hair out. Now I’m one of those lucky people who like never gets split ends. Which is surprising since I have to dye my hair about every five weeks to cover my gray hairs.

Yes, you read right—I have gray hairs. I have actually been graying since I was 16. Aw, sweet, sweet genetics. I get it from my great-grandmother who had dark hair like me (my natural color is pitch black) and was 100% snow white by the time she was 33. But back to the non-split ends. Because I don’t get split ends, I don’t have to trim my hair. Which means that I have gone since December without a haircut.

No haircut for seven months + summer heat + uncontrollable frizz and curls = I’M GOING CRAZY!


Image via It’s Happy Bunny

I get the urge to cut it off constantly. I have worn nothing but a ponytail for the last three months. But I remind myself: no pain, no gain. I need to suck it up so I can do this to my hair on my wedding day:


Image via Real Beauty / Photo credit: Steve Granitz

Is there something you are doing cosmetically for your wedding that is driving you nuts? Are you doing something you normally wouldn’t do for the big day?


Mrs. Doily

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March 2012
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  1. Member
    njmeetsbx 1668 posts, Bumble bee @ 4:00 pm

    i’m with you on the wanting to cut it off! ugh! i can hardly deal but that jessica alba pic is one of my inspirations so no pain no gain.

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    Ms +SciFi, Guest @ 4:18 pm

    My hair is thinning, a lot (stress? age? who knows). But I am going through the debate of giving up on a chignon and going back to my above shoulder length or struggling with this ratty mope for another 80+ days.

    Shouldn’t be this hard, ugh.

  3. Member
    lovekiss 7286 posts, Busy Beekeeper @ 4:22 pm

    Go buy the book “Curly Girl: The Handbook” to find out how to eliminate frizz. Seriously, I started using this approach 1 year ago, and my hair has never been healthier or looked better. Do it!

  4. Member
    xtatic1 783 posts, Busy bee @ 4:41 pm

    Hair is such a pain! I also have super dark hair and lots and lots of grays that I color every 3-4 weeks. I started growing my hair out when I got engaged even though it was already pretty long…THEN I went off BC. BIG MISTAKE, do not do this before your wedding! I lost 1/3 of my hair which isn’t super thick to begin with. I have had to cut it by 2 inches every month just to get it to thicken out again. I also bought extensions which I had to wear almost every day for a couple months. It is starting to be more normal now with 2 months to go but I will probably still need extensions to thicken it for my updo.

  5. Member
    haelmai 321 posts, Helper bee @ 4:52 pm

    Oh, I TOTALLY feel your pain!!! My hair is almost always just above my shoulders, but I’ve just started to grow it out. But this summer down in Texas really, REALLY making me want to just shave it all off!
    So I’m right there with you!

  6. Member
    tocarat 324 posts, Helper bee @ 5:07 pm

    I’m right there with you, Doily! My hair is usually chin length as well and I’m growing it out for the sammmmeee reasons. Although I get split ends and I haven’t had a hair cut for-ever either so my hair is awful right now,boo! I have a cut on friday, here’s to hoping I don’t just chop it 😉

  7. tartlet Bee
    tartlet 3227 posts, Sugar bee @ 10:39 pm

    Growing my hair out was such a long and sometimes frustrating process! Once it hit that awkward length where one side flips one way and the other has no idea what it wants to do…ack. I sympathize with your situation!

  8. ladyfingers Bee
    ladyfingers 1257 posts, Bumble bee @ 10:36 pm

    OK first, you’re as cute. as. a. button. Adore. And I completely feel you on the hair front!!! I can’t deal with my hair if it’s much longer than chin-length. Mine is curly, as well. I like sassy cuts where the back is a little shorter than the front and the bangs are all sideswept. Yeah, no sassy cuts when you’re growing out out your hair. It’s all boring and “trimming up the layers” and “taking out some volume” all the time. God, I’m about to shave my head. But… it will all be worth it 🙂

    I splurged on some nice Curl Conscious shampoo from Bumble and Bumble (to go with my existing B&B styling creme) and some John Frieda brunette glaze, so my hair at least looks a little nicer as it poofs down and out.

    Oh, and I also feel you on the gray front, but I haven’t been dyeing… and now I probably should a little.

    Hang in there!!!

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