Wedding Vendors – Headache or Not?

So we’re winding down and heading into three weeks before the big day. And I must say, I’m ready. All of this preparation, organization, minor ocd… but it’s been totally worth it thus far. I can now enjoy the rest of the weeks without having to worry about the diy programs, gifts, outfits, readings, timeline, etc. Us ladies who aren’t procrastinators should be applauded and not looked upon and called bridezillas. 🙂

We met with our hotel (guest accommodations) coordinator yesterday to finalize all of our blocked rooms, rates, the conference room we’re reserving, and any other special requests that we made for our guests. She’s been so very helpful and accommodating thoughout this whole wedding process. She’s been superb. She’s answered my twenty million questions and changes to our blocked hotel suites via email. Quick too! I love it when vendors reply back quickly! At the end of the appointment she mentioned that it was great that we were so organized – prepared with good questions. I guess she’s worked in the hospitality industry for awhile and it’s rare to see couples who are like this.

So **pat on the back Mr. and Miss Apple**. It felt so good to hear that.


I guess this leads to my main post – Wedding Vendors.

From the very beginning of wedding planning, I really had no idea what I was getting into. With the wealth of “free” information via world wide web, the wedding industry is pretty cut throat – there are so many choices and options, it’s really hard to narrow it down to just one. Having engulfed myself in “everything” wedding, I have so much respect for people who can work in this industry. It’s high stress, detail oriented like no other, customer friendly, trend setting, creative, the list goes on and on….

How has it been working with wedding vendors? Do you see any difference between wedding vendors and non wedding related vendors?


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    Pencils, Guest @ 11:21 am

    The only difference I’ve seen is that wedding vendors seem to assume that you have an endless supply of cash. I learned that the best thing is to enter into discussions with the words “we’re on a tight budget.” I’m not talking about when you sit down to negotiate about price, but when you first start discussing their services. I’ve never had one not want to work with me, but it’s so much easier to get that out of the way, and you don’t even have to listen to the wildly expensive options. And I’ve found that non-wedding vendors are great to work with on wedding projects: I’m having a regular commercial embroiderer decorate my chuppah, and he was so chuffed at being chosen for such an interesting project he’s giving me a deal on it, as long as I send him photos of the chuppah in use.

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    Sarah, Guest @ 12:10 pm

    I found our printer locally via Google maps, and for a bunch of people who do brochures, catalogs, and business cards all day, a wedding invitation seems to come as a welcome change. It was stunningly cheap, too.

    That being said, our caterer, DJ, and photographer are decidedly Wedding Vendors, and it’s a real comfort to me, frankly, that they do this all the time. And yes, I’m probably paying a premium for their expertise, but I’m willing to do that.

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    Pencils, Guest @ 12:33 pm

    Sarah–definitely true about wedding expertise being worth it for many things. I’m very glad that our DJ has done hundreds of weddings, our baker make wedding cakes every weekend, and our hall can make a reception run like clockwork. Much less room for disaster! But for smaller things, it can be worth it to find non-wedding-centered vendors, for the attention to your project, and for the sometimes shockingly lower price. It’s good to be “THE bride” that they’re working with, as opposed to “one of the brides.”

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