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Happy Monday Weddingbee readers! Hope you had a nice weekend despite all the rain, thunder, and lightning – oh my!

Many of you have asked how we make money here at Weddingbee. The short answer is: we don’t! 🙁 But we’ve been putting gears in motion to launch ads, so we can make some money and re-invest in the site. Mr. Bee’s brother has been helping out and mocking up how ads might look

The highlights:

  • Drop-down menu tabs have been added to the top of the page where you’ll now find the categories, bloggers, and archives sections.
  • A new tab called “blog” has been added where you can quickly access the 12 most recent posts. This eliminates the need for scrolling, and you can even see how many comments each post has!
  • Wedding dates have been added beside each blogger’s name.
  • The search and email boxes have been moved to above the bride’s head.
  • Sample text ads appear to the right.

We’ve been very careful with the ads, so that they don’t overwhelm the site. I also wanted to check with our readers before we launched these changes. Did the ads turn out ok? Please let us know what you think!


Mrs. Bee

New York
Wedding Date:
March 2005
Weddings Away - Cayman Islands
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  1. Guest Icon Guest
    Miss Snail, Guest @ 10:58 pm

    speaking of archives like some celebrity gossip blog they have archives. i agree that it would be a nice idea to see something like that.

    the drop down menu is a great idea~

  2. Guest Icon Guest
    ceana, Guest @ 11:58 pm

    i think the google ads are good. they’re not too overwhelming like popup ads. i think it’s perfect.

  3. Guest Icon Guest
    julie, Guest @ 2:16 am

    looks great. not overwhelming at all. 🙂

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