Bamboo for Two: The Cake Cutting Part

I was a bit frazzled from, well, stuff going wrong, and we were running out of time in the reception and our photographer’s time. Thus, I put on a brave face and decided we were going to cut the cake ASAP, just so we would insure that we would get some pictures of it.

I believed I talked in great detail about the sheer number of cupcakes we tried out in order to pick a bakery for our cupcakes. We ended up picking Cakeology, half because their logo is a panda (and what can I say, I’m a sucker for cute logos) and half because their cupcakes are delicious.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Well, this ended up being our cupcake tower on the day of. We had a small cutting cake on top with some of our flowers on top. On the bottom, we had four different types of cupcake, german chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, strawberry white chocolate, and peach melba.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

As for our little additions, you remember the little forks that I made and the little bear bride and groom my mother so kindly made for us. I added the sign “Love is sweet,” and I think it was the perfect thing to tie it all together.

Please excuse my facial expressions in these pictures. I could barely see what I was cutting.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

I think PBear and I looked at each other after we got up there, and we had no idea what to do next. It really is completely awkward and bizarre to be holding this knife together and cutting a slice out while everyone watches you.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

I apparently thought it was incredibly hilarious how difficult it is to get a little sliver of cake onto a tiny plate with the biggest cake knife ever. I mean, look at that thing.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

Then we nicely fed each other cake. Before the wedding, I was 100% pro cake smashing and I was dedicated to doing it. I just thought it might be funny to smash cake into PBear’s face (I mean, how often would I get the chance?). But at the time, it just didn’t feel appropriate.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

And what is a cake cutting if you don’t end with a kiss?

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography

And with that, we headed back to finish the dinner courses and say goodbye to our photographer and videographer. Our reception was wrapping up.

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  1. panda Bee
    Mrs. Panda 1359 posts, Bumble bee @ 5:17 pm

    @Jeanne: We didn’t buy the cupcake stand, it came with the cupcakes and is from the bakery we got it from, Cakeology. I would see if you can rent the tower from the place you got your cupcakes from. Or call cakeology in Boston. They might be able to help you out. good luck!

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