Asking the Bridesmaids

Where we last left off, I was determined to ask my friends to be bridesmaids in a special, surprising way. I had a few details secured, and asking them was next up on my to-do list!

Even though there are a lot of great options, I decided that simple, handwritten cards in the wedding colors would be best for me. I used this design from Wedding Chicks for the cards. It’s simple to use, and has plenty of colors to pick from. Actually, it was while designing my cards that I settled on our wedding colors—teal, dark purple, and champagne. I was playing around with a few other combos and I didn’t like how they came out in the print, but I love how these did. I used “Grape Jelly” for the text and “Tiffany Blue” for the scroll.


Image downloaded from Wedding Chicks

For size, I used a whole sheet of paper for each and I folded down the middle to make the card. I was worried it would be too big, but I had a lot to say to each girl, so I ended up needing that space. I printed the front design as a single picture (5×7), and made sure to orient it the right way (with a test run or two!).

And here’s how they turned out!


I made four bridesmaids and one maid of honor card. /All remaining photos are personal


I think that the slightly metallic paper made the colors look so much better. I used the Champagne Pearl from this “Royal Metallics” paper that I found at Target.


And I wrote a note inside for each girl, describing how much it would mean for me to have them be my bridesmaid. I also included some info at the top with the date, location, and venues. All in a purple pen, of course.


And I got mocked for including our names at the top, as if they don’t know us. I just wanted to be thorough!

I took our sisters, BM C and MOH R, out to dinner the night before my dress-shopping appointment and gave them the cards, and of course they said yes! (We went to one of our favorites, Katie’s, and had a great meal and drinks. If you’re in NOLA, I highly recommend. It was on DDD, but I wouldn’t call the place a dive.)


Back at my house after our dinner. My sister/MOH R is on the left, and Sphinx’s sister BM C is on the right.

BM E couldn’t make that dinner, so I gave her the card a week later, and she said yes too!

BM TPerk and BM M are both out of town, so I mailed those cards that next week. I was SO nervous to hear back from them. I told Sphinx that I didn’t know how he had handled the anxiety leading up to the proposal, because this was just sending cards to my bridesmaids and I was so nervous to hear back! Fortunately, they didn’t let me sweat too long and called me when they received the cards that weekend to accept.

If I could offer any advice—don’t sit down and write them all at once. I kept a page in my wedding binder to jot down ideas for the cards (heard the song that BM M and I love to sing to each other on the radio—make sure that goes in the card!), and I even wrote some rough drafts. It made it much easier to write when it came time to do it, and I didn’t have to force anything. I didn’t make myself finish them all at once, and I think that helped make them very sincere, which is what I was aiming for. I’ll be sure to do this whenever we’re doing cards closer to the wedding, like for our parents.

The cards had a good response, and they served the purpose I needed without stretching my artistic abilities too far (or…at all, really). I have some incredible friends and I am so glad that they will be by my side all day for the wedding!

How did you ask your bridesmaids? Did you have to adjust your color scheme mid-project?


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May 2014
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    Well it’s kinda hard to eat out when I am in NOLA. Just have so much to do and my family loves to cook. So we rarely get to go out to eat unless I am with my friends instead of family.

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    Totally unrelated, but I really see the family resemblance with your sister!

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