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Around the time that I wanted to ask my future BMs to share my big day with me, more than half of them lived far away from me (and one even across an ocean). Taking them out to dinner to ask “the question” was not an option. Therefore, it had to be a card. And you know I have a thing for paper products.

I’m sure you’ve seen this one before. I fell hard for its cuteness. It didn’t matter that it was a popular DIY design that had inspired many people before me (e.g., Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Teaspoon, Miss Unicycle).


{photo via Once Wed + how-to}

I planned to use a grey card (I didn’t have one on hand at the time) and jazz it up a bit. The front would have had a pop of color with “the question” while the actual text would have been printed on white or off-white paper, then glued to the grey card.


Classy wrapping paper to decorate the title page



I tried to make them look like my future BMs.

My mock-up card was nice and I thoroughly enjoyed making it…but somehow it didn’t quite inspire me.

Then I saw this wedding announcement in a photo shoot featured on Style Me Pretty. And I was sold. Sleek, simple, to the point…and still cute!


{image via Style Me Pretty, design by Seamless Paperie, photo by Maggie Harkov}

I loved the idea of the mini card attached to the actual card. The “big question” gets asked separately, and the rest of the information is then delivered on the big card. I decided to use a folded card because I wanted the card to be a sort of bridesmaids’ newsletter to share my wedding ideas with them.

Another inspiration that made it into my second design was Ms. Teaspoon‘s “I have a question.” I though it was cute to preface the “big question” with a small statement that didn’t quite spill the beans just yet.

It took me a several failed printouts to figure out the spacing of my Word document and to get the knack of my printer with very long paper, but the huge stack of misprints was worth the result:


When they opened the envelope…


…my ladies received this card.

I already had turquoise envelopes on hand in my paper stash as well as some aqua colored vellum paper. I glued a rectangle of vellum onto the card and glued a grey rectangle on top of that, which I cut out from some big grey cards bought for project #1. The bottom border is masking tape, which continues onto the reverse side.


The inside: A personal message, event description, and inspiration board

The left side included the date, time, location, and webpage of our civil ceremony as well as our big wedding. On the right side I showcased my inspiration board (made with Mosaic Maker), described my hopes for their dresses, and gave a list of the (potential) bridal party members.

Did you ask/are you planning to ask your ladies in a special way?

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