What I’m Most Excited For

What I’m most excited about, besides the ceremony and the dress and the cake and…

Well, high on The List of Things I’m Excited About (which is about a mile long) is our decision to use Wish Lanterns!

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Previous bloggers have explored Wish Lantern options, like Mrs. Frog!

I have to admit, most of my desire to have this as a main-event for our reception stems from Tangled. I mean, what bride has watched that movie and not had their eyes grow big as saucers with the sheer possibility of this amazeballs tradition.

Now, Tangled gets cray with it, since it’s a whole village sending these off. That’s simply not in the budget. Although the best pictures I’ve found have several hundred, we’re hoping for a similar effect with 50-75. Since I’m sure everyone has heard some horror stories about setting these off, we’re going to take a ton of precautions. Luckily, our awesome venue has OK’ed the idea, and there’s a huge parking lot nearby where we can set them off without any trees or buildings getting involved. If we order 50-60, we’ll be able to ask our guests to partner up to coordinate the launch, so no one has to figure it out by themselves. We’re also toying with the idea of asking a fire marshall to come out. Like I said, precautions.

Our daydream for this idea looks like this:

Image via Forevermore Events



Wish Lantern has them for around $2.50 a piece (if you buy at least ten), BUT I found a listing for 50 for $34.99 with Best Choice Products on Ebay. Am I suspicious? Maybe. But considering that 50 lanterns on the Wish Lantern website would run me $139.99 + tax + shipping, I think it’s worth the risk. Stay tuned for when we test one out!

Even if our gamble is a bust and we have to pay full price, I still think they’ll be a really affordable way to make a big statement. So romantic!

Do you have any experience with Wish Lanterns?


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    anitahugnkissmn77 16 posts, Newbee @ 1:25 pm

    Good choice with the sky lanterns! My freind had them at her wedding and they were awesome! She got hers here: http://weddingdaysparklers.com/sky-lanterns/. She had a great experience with this company, so I think I’m going to order mine from there too for my wedding this November.

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