Weddings Bring out the Crazy, Right?

Posted 2 hours ago by Mrs. Clover

I’ve mentioned in the past that we’ve had some family drama. My parents are divorced (not at all amicably) and my dad is remarried—to a woman 20 years younger. (I mean, you’re going to see my wedding pictures; it’s not exactly a secret.) Both Clover Dad & his wife were previously married, and they got married when my sister and I … read more

The NewlyJets: A Daddy’s Girl & a Momma’s Boy

Posted 6 hours ago by Mrs. Jet Setter

Right after our first dance, our guests were seated so Mr. Jet and I could have a dance with two of the people who helped us get to where we are! First up, Daddy Jet and I took the floor to Lulu’s “To Sir with Love”

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Built for Two: Let’s Eat!

Posted 1 day ago by Mrs. Bicycle

I almost hate to say it but I am going to anyway—coming up with our seating arrangement was very easy for us! We started with some bare bones (which parents should be where, etc.) and then filled in the gaps based on who we thought would enjoy each other. You may recall that we decided to use the squares of … read more

Handmade Sailboat Table Decorations

Posted 1 week ago by Heather Burcham

Nautical themes are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer weddings. With clean lines and rich navy blue and crisp white colors, this look can “anchor” your wedding décor, adding a masculine accent to what can become an almost exclusively feminine look.

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