Our Dirty Little Secret

The first time Mr. Squirrel met my dad, my dad casually asked him how we met. We awkwardly looked at each other and mumbled…”at a bar-type place.” My dad thought we were embarrassed to have met at a bar, so to make us feel better, he replied. “There’s no shame meeting in a bar. I mean…it’s better than having met online.” I could have melted in my seat. You see, bees…

We met online.


I mean “technically” we physically met at a bar for the first time, but if we are going to keep it real…we met online. To be fair, this doesn’t bother Mr. Squirrel at all. All his friends and family know. I am the one who likes to keep this fun fact on the DL.

Like I mentioned early on, I had moved to a new city for graduate school and everyone else in my tiny program was also from out of state. Honestly, I was just hoping to meet some people to hang out with so I could get to know the city better.

Mr. Squirrel on the other hand had grown up in Little Rock. He had lots of great friends and knew all the local hangouts. His problem was that most of his friends were already married. Mr. Squirrel was often the third, fifth, or seventh wheel. When he went out with his friends, it was hard to meet people and Mr. Squirrel was ready to find someone.

TA-DA…and so the Squirrel romance began. 🙂

Not that I’m keeping track or anything, but I am the one who first initiated a conversation online. (He swears he saw my profile and planned to message me that weekend…sure babe.) Anyway, about a week of witty banter ensued where we discussed proper guacamole-making technique and the wonder that is Pixar. Honestly, one of the best things about this awkward beginning is that we have documentation of our first conversations together, and it is really neat to go back and reread them.


Halloween a few months after meeting—I was the UP House, he was Popeye.

Mr. Squirrel asked me out on the date and it went something exactly like this: “I was thinking we should get together this weekend. Grab a bite to eat, a liquid to drink, a ball to bowl, a movie to watch. You can come up with some too!” I guess he was a little eager to hang out?

We planned for him to call me after work that Friday so we could pick a place to meet. I started to get dressed around four-ish (guess I was eager too!). Then five o’clock rolled around. Then six. And seven. Hmm. Looks like I picked a real winner…

Finally around 7:30, my phone rang. Apparently Mr. Squirrel forgot to mention that he often stayed at work much later than the traditional 5:00 PM. But I didn’t care—I was really jazzed to meet him in person after having such great conversations, so we planned to meet up at a great Mexican place downtown. After hanging up, I proceeded to pull a Laura Linney:


Image via Sunshine of the Day / From Love Actually

I beat Mr. Squirrel to the restaurant and waited outside the front door. I distinctly remember seeing him walk up with a huge grin on his face. I awkwardly started to shake his hand, but he enveloped me a big hug. Our first words to each other:

Him: Wow, you are even more beautiful in person. [This is fo realz.]

Me: You smell really good.

And the rest is history. 🙂

Now the world knows. OK, maybe not the world, but somehow I have the feeling this is bound to get back to my father thanks to my sisters who follow my posts on Weddingbee.

Did anyone else try online dating? How did it work for you? Do you keep it quiet as well?


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    SJM72713 42 posts, Newbee @ 10:12 am

    My FI and I met online. I was embarrassed about it at first. I always told people, but would follow with a host of excuses as to why we were doing online dating. I have no idea why I was so embarrassed, no one has ever judged us for it. Now I couldn’t care less about telling people. What we have is special no matter how we met.

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