Tedious Timeline Tweaking

After much hard work and critical thinking, our preliminary timeline went out via email to our vendors yesterday. Soon we’ll be scheduling our first meetings with the vendors since our initial booking, so it’s important that they all see where they fit in the mess of everything. This way no one steps on anyone else’s toes – they’ll hopefully be able to address any issues ahead of time.

My timeline was created with a wonderful piece of software that I purchased at the immediate onset of the wedding planning. iDo ($29.95) has allowed me to organize to the nth degree with all of its tools including contact management; invitations and RSVP tracking; gift and thank you tracking; checklists; vendor lists; event management; widgets for vows, songlists and more; menu options; and most importantly – a timeline builder!

While iDo‘s timeline tool didn’t have a basic template, it made it super easy to plug in a specific item (ie. Toasts at Reception 7 – 7:15 PM) and then move it around to make later changes without having to re-format or re-type anything. The only flaw I’ve found with it is that the time durations are sometimes inaccurate (I’ve fixed them below). Otherwise, it works great and makes everything look nice and clean.

I researched many sites online to figure out my timeline items, spending many a Friday night eating pizza with my laptop – pretty exciting Friday night, eh? Well, I’m so excited to say that my first draft of the timeline is complete and I can’t wait to start hearing back from vendors and getting it ready for Go Time. I’ve edited my timeline and shared it below with a few of the resources I used to build it.

Timeline Resources
WeddingBee’s Wedding Day Timeline Wiki
Anne Ruthman Photography’s Wedding Timelines
Wedding Reception Timeline at Nuptial Net

Miss Pomegranate’s Timeline
Total Records: 49





03-Oct-2008: Rehearsal

5:00 PM



Wedding Assistant’s Phone #

Wedding Assistant’s Email

Rehearsal Plans TBD per Wedding Assistant.

List of Items to Bring for Wedding Assistant:

– Signs and cake servers for cake table.

– Decorations for cake table (possible item for florist).

– Guestbook and Engagement Photos in frames.

– Sign for bottom of Olive Hill.

– Basket of Programs for top of Olive Hill.

– Favors, boxes and signage.

– Bar Napkins and Signs for Bar.

– Menus, Tea lights, Table Numbers and Kissing Menus for tables.

– Pillows for Teak benches.

– Final Payments & Tips for Vendors.

– Other TBD

Wedding Assistant Name

6:00 PM-8:00 PM

2 hrs.

Rehearsal Dinner

Mamita Pom’s Phone #

Rehearsal Dinner being planned by Mother of the Bride.

To Do:

– Possible “Meet with the Winemaker” during dinner.

– Possible Winery Tour during/after dinner.

Mamita Pom

04-Oct-2008: Wedding

10:00 AM-3:00 PM

5 hrs.

Hairstylist Arrives at Hotel

Hairstylist’s Phone #

Hairstylist Name

10:30 AM

Florist – Arrives at R.H. Phillips

Florist’s Phone #

To provide ladder and assistant.

Florist Name

10:30 AM-11:00 AM

30 min.

Florist – Place Flowers in RHP Refrigerator

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

11:00 AM-11:30 AM

30 min.

Florist – Put Out Succulents in Containers

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

11:30 AM-1:30 PM

2 hrs.

Florist – Decorate Wedding Site

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

12:00 PM-12:30 PM

30 min.

Florist – Decorate Arch

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

1:00 PM-4:00 PM

3 hrs.

Makeup Artist Arrives at Hotel

Makeup Artist’s Phone #

Makeup Artist Name

2:00 PM

Wedding Assistant Arrives at RHP

Wedding Assistant Phone #

Wedding Assistant Email

Guest Count Approximately 150.

Round Table Count Approximately 18.

Ceremony Chair Count Approximately 140.

Ceremony Row Count Approximately 10.

Approximately 14 Chairs per Row, 7 on either side of Aisle.

To Be Set Up:

– Place signs and cake servers on cake table.

– Decoate cake table (possibly item for florist).

– Set out Guestbook and Engagement Photos.

– Hang sign at bottom of Olive Hill.

– Place basket of Programs at top of Olive Hill.

– Set out Favors and signage.

– Set out Bar Napkins and signs on bar.

– Place Menus on napkins at each place setting.

– Set out and light (5) tea lights on each table.

– Set out Table Numbers and Kissing Menus at each table.

– Place pillows on Teak benches.

Areas of Concern for Wedding Day:

– Final Payments & Tips for Vendors.

– Other TBD

Wedding Assistant Name

2:30 PM-3:00 PM

30 min.

Florist – Attach Florals to Chairs Along Aisle

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

3:00 PM-3:30 PM

30 min.

Groom and Groomsmen Arrive at RHP

Groom’s Phone #


3:00 PM-4:00 PM

1 hr.

Florist РDistribution of Bouquet and Boutonni̬res

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

3:30 PM

Caterer Arrive at RHP

Head Head Caterer’s Phone #

To Do:

– All reception tables set with linen and china prior to 4:00 PM.

– Table side wine service.

– Coffee bar.

– Chocolates to be set out on coffee bar after dinner.

– Passed appetizers.

– Tray of appetizers set at head table for Bride and Groom.

– No racks or catering supplies in courtyard or hospitality area.

Head Caterer Name

4:00 PM

Photographer Arrives at RHP

Photographer’s Phone #

Photographer Name

4:00 PM-4:15 PM

15 min.

Bride and Bridal Party Leave for RHP

Miss Pom’s Phone #

Miss Pomegranate

4:00 PM-4:30 PM

30 min.

DJ Arrives at RHP

DJ’s Phone #

To Do:

– Set up on reception area completed no later than 5:30 PM.

– Downtempo music to be played throughout Hors D’Ouvres Hour.

– Dance music after dinner.

**Other details?

DJ Name

4:00 PM-5:00 PM

1 hr.

Florist – Placement of Centerpieces

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

4:15 PM

Bride and Bridal Party Arrive at RHP

Miss Pom’s Phone #

Miss Pomegranate

4:15 PM-5:45 PM

1 hr. 30 min.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Photographer’s Phone #

To Do:

– Wedding Photos to Begin at TBD.

– Family Photos after ceremony.

– Bride and Groom are seeing each other prior to ceremony.

Photographer Name

4:30 PM

Baker Arrives at RHP

Bake’s Phone #

To Do:

– Cake to be placed on stand provided by Bride and Groom.

– Cake table to be located in Foyer.


5:00 PM

String Quartet Arrive at RHP

String Quartet Phone #

Music List:

– Bride’s Processonal: Come to Me, Bjork.

– Wedding Party Processional: Untitled No. 3, Sigur Ros.

– Recessional: Brighter Than Sunshine, Aqualung.

String Quartet Name

5:00 PM

Tasting Room Closes

Venue Contact Phone #

Venue Contact Name

5:00 PM

Officiate Arrives at RHP

Officiate Phone #

Staged at Ceremony Hill Top.

Officiate Name

5:00 PM

Family Members Arrive at RHP

Need Contact?

5:00 PM-5:45 PM

45 min.

Florist – Placement of Front, 2 Tall Dance Floor, and Outside Table Arrangements and Add Fresh Flowers to Counter Arrangements.

Florist’s Phone #

Florist Name

5:00 PM-6:00 PM

1 hr.

Shuttle Service Begins at RHP

Shuttle drivers’ Cell Phone #.


3:00PM – 4:00PM

Limo will bring the wedding parties to the winery (two trips). (May need to be adjusted to fit Timeline).

5:00PM – 7:30PM

Shuttle will bring guests from hotel to winery and transport up and down the hill to the ceremony and reception.

11:00PM – 12:00AM

Shuttle will return guests from the winery to the hotel (multiple runs).

Hotel Concierge Name

5:30 PM

Pre-Processional prep of Bride and Bridal party

– Groomsmen already at the top of the hill.

– Bride and Bridal Party shuttle to the top after all guests have been shuttled.

Wedding Assistant Name

5:30 PM

Bride and Groom Arrive at Ceremony Site

Seating Begins Once Coordinator Oks.


– Engine must be turned off at the top of the hill.

– No turning around during the delivery of the bridal party.

Wedding Assistant Name

5:45 PM

Bride and Bridal Party transition to shuttle

Miss Pom’s Phone #

Miss Pomegranate

5:55 PM

Bride and Bridal Party staged in shuttle at the ceremony site

Miss Pom’s Phone #

Miss Pomegranate

6:00 PM

Wedding Processional

Order of Processional:

Music: Untitled No 3, Sigur Ros

– Seating of Grandmother seated by Stepfather of Mr. Pom’s Name.

– Seating of Mother of Mr. Pom’s Name seated by Mr. Pomegranate.

– Seating of Mamita Pom seated by Brother Pom.

Bridal Party Processional:

– Officiate Name.

– Mr. Pomegranate.

– Bestman Pom.

– Groomsman Pom #1.

– Groomsman Pom #2.

– Groomsman Pom #3.

– Jr. Bridesmaid SIL Pom.

– Jr. Bridesmaid Sister Pom.

– Blonde Bridesmaid.

– Crafty Bridesmaid.

– Flirty Bridesmaid.

– MOH.

– Ring Bearer Nephew Pom and Flower Girl Niece Pom.

Bride’s Processional:

Music: Come to Me, Bjork

– Bride Miss Pomegranate escorted by Daddy Pom.


6:00 PM-6:30 PM

30 min.

Wedding Ceremony

Proposed Ceremony Order:

– Introduction of Couple.

– Readings TBD.

– Song by Cousin Pom (Music TBD).

– Vows.

– Blessing of Rings.

– Ring Exchange (Best Man Pom holds rings).

– Pronouncement of Marriage.


Music: Brighter Than Sunshine


6:30 PM-7:00 PM

30 min.

Family Pictures

Photographer’s Phone #

Photo List:


Photographer Name

6:30 PM-7:00 PM

30 min.

Shuttle Moves Guests to Reception

Shuttle drivers’ Cell Phone TBD.

Hotel Concierge Name

6:30 PM-7:30 PM

1 hr.

Hors D’Ouvres Hour

Head Caterer’s Phone #

To Do:

– Signature drink served.

– Passed appetizers.

Head Caterer Name

6:55 PM

Bride and Groom & Wedding Party Announced at the Reception

DJ’s Phone #


– Mr. & Mrs. Pomegranate

– Best Man Pom & MOH.

– Groomsman Pom #1 & Flirty Bridesmaid.

– Groomsman Pom #2 & Crafty Bridesmaid.

– Groomsman Pom #3 & Blonde Bridesmaid.

DJ Name

7:30 PM-8:30 PM

1 hr.


Caterer Phone #

To Do:

– Salads Served after guests sit down.

– Dinner Served Family Style.

Head Caterer Name

7:30 PM-11:30 PM

4 hrs.

Wedding Reception


8:00 PM

Catering Pours for Toast

Head Caterer’s Phone #

To Do:

– Champagne & Sparkling Cider to be served.

Head Caterer Name

8:15 PM-8:30 PM

15 min.


Head Caterer’s Phone #

To Do:

Champagne and Sparkling Cider to be served just prior to the toasts.

– Best Man Pom.

– MOH.

Head Caterer Name

8:30 PM-8:45 PM

15 min.

Cake Cutting

Head Head Caterer’s Phone #

Head Caterer Name

8:45 PM

First Dance

DJ’s Phone #

Music: Brighter Than Sunshine, Aqualung.

DJ Name

8:55 PM

Father Daughter Dance

DJ’s Phone #

Music: What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong.

9:00 PM

Wedding Assistant Booking Time Ends

Wedding Assistant Name

9:00 PM-9:20 PM

20 min.

Sam’s DJ Set

DJ’s Phone #

To Do:

– Sam will provide and play music under supervision of DJ.

DJ Name

10:00 PM

Garter/Bouquet Toss

DJ’s Phone #

On Entry Porch.

Music: TBD.

DJ Name

05-Oct-2008: Family Brunch

10:00 AM-11:30 AM

1 hr. 30 min.

Family Brunch

Details TBD.



Mrs. Pomegranate

Wedding Date:
October 2016
Gocco vs. Budget
Flower Sneak Preview

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